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The Bibliophile: Manwhore by Katy Evans

Updated on February 5, 2017


This book, as the name suggests, is just another erotic novel that I came across recently. And then I read it, because of the title of the book. Lovely title, Manwhore, isn’t it? Now we already know that our bad boy hero is a bit of a Casanova which somehow made this even more appealing. Most erotic novel heroes have usually suffered from a great deal of woeful past, however, this title seemed to suggest that this hero was going to be slightly different.

When I say slightly different, it, in no way, means that he is some impoverished artist with a white scar on his face which makes him unsightly but the lead girl still finds beauty deep inside his heart. Uh-uh. No way. Never in a million years.

This guy is wall-smacking hotness with a perfect physique, green eyes (only like 2% of the entire population on earth has green eyes), incredible hair, chiselled face and of course has a flair for business – so good that he made himself a billionaire with the few millions that he had acquired after his mum’s death. Well...I suppose that does seem like a plausible way to become a billionaire. Not like Sylvia Day’s Gideon Cross – who is a self made billionaire at the age of 29. That, that is simply too impossible.

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The protagonist Rachel Livingston is a writer for a magazine, Edge. The magazine had thrown her the task of writing an expose on Chicago’s most notorious playboy, Malcolm Saint (just about the perfect name – his last name is Saint and he is as opposite to a Saint than anyone can ever be)

By now you are probably thinking about Fifty Shades of Grey and how Ana had to go and interview Christian. Similarly, Rachel had to interview Malcolm, and ultimately when she does manage to squeeze some time out of him, she is unfortunately wearing painting coveralls. (Long story)

If you walk into a clean, sophisticated office of a billionaire wearing coveralls splattered with paint, what do you think would be the reaction of that billionaire? I personally feel that I would never even reach that office.

Anyway, lucky for Rachel, she walks into Saint’s office room and obviously she catches his interest. He even offers her one of his snowy white shirts so that she needn’t feel so uncomfortable.

That’s the beginning.

A few incidents later, Rachel starts reacting like a giddy teenager who has been sexually awakened for the first time. You get it? Can’t look at him in the eye, only going on and on about how good looking he is and everything else. You know what? The author has placed a lot of space to drive home one lesson to her readers: Malcolm Saint is hot and hot and hot! So hot that it is difficult to look at him without shades. Like the sun.

And then obviously they make love.

Tricky, considering that fact that she is exposing him to the world. So she is torn between whether or not she would publish that article she is working on, or keep the man she is falling in love with, safe out of harm’s reach. Not that the author really makes an effort to talk about her conflicting issues, since she (the author) herself seems obsessed with her hero, so I am suggesting that perhaps, somewhere in Rachel’s mind, does she think about addressing that issue.

So what happens?

Well, I don’t think I should tell you this...for that, if you’re curious enough, you can read the book. But what I’ll tell you is that there is a second book.


Like I mentioned somewhere above, just another erotic novel by just another author. However, there is something about this book- that is, the author is true to her storyline. Strong enough, and could have done better had the book not been just a drag. I skipped most parts, but I love the ending though. Unexpected.

I even like Malcolm; though he has been given the usual erotic novel hero perks –good looks and enormous wealth-but there seems something different about him. He seems more real than the other heroes that I have come across. But Rachel is as boring as ever. In fact, a little like Anastasia Steel.

So in the end, I would say...try reading the book. I assure you that you will end up skipping parts in-between, but then, you might also enjoy the other parts that you read. I hope you do.

Malcolm Saint is officiously my favourite erotic novel hero.

4 stars for Manwhore

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