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Review Of The Abundance Book & 40-Day Prosperity Plan

Updated on February 22, 2017

Learn To Create Abundance

This past summer a friend of mine recommend The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price, and told me of the 40-day Prosperity Plan. This 40-day prosperity plan that she was doing was changing her and she is now creating more abundance in her life.

I write the book down and looked on the Internet for it. I saw the book on and decided to ordered it. It came two weeks later and I have not looked back. It is one of the books I would recommend as life changing.

This little green book has changed the way I look at myself, God, and money. If you ever thought that money was not apart of you and your rightful creation of it. It is time to rethink it.


Introduction To The Abundance Book

Even though this book is small. It is packed full of information to change your thoughts about money and abundance. John Randolph Price walks you through the story of abundance and spirituality. Early religion believed that money and God was connected.

John Randolph Price believes that God and abundance are connected and that you can tap into the same vibration of abundance that God has given to you. He explains how to do this with the 40-day prosperity plan.

For 40 days the plan has you write a mission statement. Every day you will reflect on one statement of principle. There are ten statements that you will reflect on. After reading the statement for the day. Mediate on it for 15 minutes. When you are done meditating, write in your journal any thoughts that come to you. Then share and give of yourself with love, and joy

John gives you a daily program, twelve prosperity secrets, and a prosperity checklist to follow.

The Abundance Book

Abundance Flows To You

I have been doing the prosperity plan for over 100-days and I feel that the way I look at abundance in my life is different than before I started the prosperity plan. Each day in my journal I come up with a new thought.

Their have been plenty of people who have had great success with this program. You may find different ways of making money, money starts coming to you from unexpected source, finding other ways to bring in abundance, and finally come to peace with money.

John helps you work through your ideas of money both conscious and unconscious. As long as you flow the program you will see results.

Change Your Thoughts To Abundance

You Are A Co-Creator

You are a co-creator with God. There is no lack of in God's world.

God creates everything around us. So there is abundance around us.

God does not know poor or surviving. God only know to abundance and creates beauty..

Think like God. What would God do? When you start thinking like God, your abundance or lack of will never be the same.

See yourself bigger then what you are. We are all God's children. Each one of us has the ability to create all that we want.

Abundance Poll

How has The Abundance Book helped you?

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Your Abundance Is Within You

Here is to the road of prosperity.

I wish you luck in finding your abundance.



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    • healingrose profile image

      healingrose 6 years ago from Northern California

      Thanks richtwf :)

    • richtwf profile image

      richtwf 6 years ago

      A useful hub and thanks for sharing these thoughts.

      God bless.