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Review of "Momma Mud'", the alligator in the Legacy of the Skull Master

Updated on February 7, 2016

Momma Mud, Character in Novel, Legacy of the Skull Master

 Copyrighted- All Rights Reserved Lulu Author, SM Rodgers known as ladybluewriter "Picture of Momma Mud" Legacy of the Skull Master
Copyrighted- All Rights Reserved Lulu Author, SM Rodgers known as ladybluewriter "Picture of Momma Mud" Legacy of the Skull Master

15 ft. Alligator Named "Momma Mud"

SM Rodgers wrote a Science Fiction novel called Legacy of the Skull Master. In the novel you will run across an alligator by the name of "Momma Mud". She is fifteen feet long, and dominates the swamp area of North Florida that is not far from the Okefenokee and the Jacksonville, Florida area. In modern times this alligator would be most likely destroyed for the fear it would cause harm to human kind. The very fact it existed in this community was amazing to say the least.

In the story, she took over guarding the crystal blue skull for a pirate named "Captain Skull Master". "Momma Mud", the alligator is fierce and mean, when it comes to getting in her way. No one goes around the swamp to mess with that gator! She is thought to be around 400 years old. When she comes out of the swamp into the community, then along comes major problems of avoiding her. She has put tourists up a tree to escape her. She slips around the town, when no one is looking, and she completes her tasks that Captain Skull Master requested of her.

There comes a warning of stay out of the swamp and leave "Momma Mud" alone. After you read the book, Legacy of the Skull Master, then you can see why the alligator is so powerful. She has a special protection over her. I encourage everyone to read the book, because it is an adventure for all those that love, pirates, animals, and strange events. That is all in the book for you to savor. The author of the book, SM Rodgers, wrote about alligators in the swamps, because she grew up in South Florida near the Everglades where alligators were numerous. It was the love of South Florida , the Keys and also the Everglades that spawned the thoughts of an alligator named "Momma Mud".

I encourage those that cannot go to Florida to see this story as it develops in writing, and to pass on the legend of one bad "Momma Mud" that dominates man and beast with no fear of
her endangerment. Not many gators have ghost to watch over them.

This alligator will also be found in the newest copy of the Legacy of the Skull Master, and this second edition will have added interest in it, and the book will ask you thought provoking questions directed at abstract reasoning. This book will be out soon in 2016.


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