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Review of "My Best Day with Daddy", a Children's Book

Updated on January 8, 2018
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Tamara Wilhite is an engineer, scifi author and fan and periodically reviews books. You can also read her books Humanity's Edge and Sirat.


"My Best Day with Daddy", subtitled "The Adventures of Maya and Her Stay at Home Dad" was written by Ernesto and Sheila Alvarez. The book was released in 2015. What are the pros and cons of this children's book?


The publisher provided me with a complimentary digital copy of the book "My Best Day with Daddy". However, I was not paid for this review.

The ideal audience for this book are Kindergarten through second grade students.
The ideal audience for this book are Kindergarten through second grade students. | Source

Points in Favor of the Book "My Best Day with Daddy"

Too few books focus on the father – child relationship, and that makes this book particularly attractive. Yet father-daughter relationship at the heart of the story isn't limited to stay at home Dads. And it is written broadly enough that boys with stay at home Dads can enjoy it, too.

At a little over thirty pages, it is a long enough for early school age children and older preschoolers. For children who want to read it themselves, I'd put it at a first grade or second reading level.

The bright homey images keep a child's interest. Parents will appreciate the subtle reinforcements of what may parents want children to pick up, such as healthy eating and math fact practice.

Mom shows up in the book but doesn't lessen the status of Dad in the story. Too many modern books demean fathers and husbands in an effort to empower women, which in reality doesn't help either side.

You actually see some details about Daddy taking martial arts, not simply filling the home-maker role traditionally held by women. He is an active parent and socially active adult.

Cons of the Book

If "My Best Day with Daddy" is intended for preschoolers as well as early school aged children, the latter who can read it, then the reading level is a little higher than the younger segment of the audience is ready for.


The print version can be found for less than ten dollars, the Amazon Kindle version is about four dollars.

So whether you want a print version so your child can read it without the distraction of digital games or a Kindle version so the kid can read it on the tablet without losing it, you have choices.

Very few books reinforce the value of stay at home parents in general, and that is something I personally like about this book. And many others will appreciate it affirming the value of fathers.


The children's book "My Best Day with Daddy" by Ernesto and Sheila Alvarez is a wonderful story giving a look at life with a stay at home Dad, with a warm happy relationship between father and daughter. Five stars for reaffirming values that are so rarely appreciated today.

This book is a good read whether you have a stay at home parent in the home or not. I recommend it for K-2 ideally, suitable for ages 3-8.


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