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BETRAYED: a millionaire romance - by Ellie Jones

Updated on December 26, 2013

A love story with mystery and suspense

BETRAYED by Ellie Jones - sizzling with steam and suspense, set in the Costa Blanca, dark with secrets.

BETRAYED is the power struggle between fashion doyennes trying to make it to the top at the expense of the other. Rebuttal and sexual tension become the norm. Can there be room in the relationship for love?

BETRAYED by Ellie Jones - available from Kindle

An erotic romance
An erotic romance | Source

Betrayed - a love story

Katrina has a shameful secret , an urgent need for sex that she simply cannot explain, and can only barely control, and it is ruining her life.

BETRAYED opens in Middle England, but develops amongst the sierras of the Costa Blanca.

Katrina's father owns a dress factory, and Rafael is involved in an aggressive takeover bid for it. Katrina is set against it, but her father is in financial straits The incompatibility of uncompromising wills and irrational emotions, amongst the peaceful Sierras, reinforces the mood of BETRAYED.

Betrayed - mysterious and dark

Katrina finds herself fighting with Rafael on a number of levels; her growing fascination with him, his shameless reputation, his insistence on learning everything about her, her conviction that he may be implicated with fraud, and his unwarranted aversion towards her best friend, Francine.

Rafael tries to dig into her mysterious past, but there are dark secrets that she declines to recognize or explain. The enigma corkscrews as the hesitant relationship with Rafael progresses.

BETRAYED, is a love story filled with erotic sensuality, tension, and dark secrets. The storyline is strong, dialogue impeccable, and characterization, flawless.

All in all, if you enjoy a strong and emotional story with your erotic moments, you'll find it a book worth reading.



The Setting for BETRAYED

Coll de Rates, spain:
03792 Coll de Rates, Alicante, Spain

get directions

Extract from BETRAYED

The photograph lay on the desk, a nagging ghost from the past, not even a good image, not quite in focus, blurred because she’d been moving, but still evocative. He remembered being annoyed at the time; he’d wanted the picture to be good. She’d teased him too much, been coquettish, turning repeatedly until he’d snapped it anyway.

Damn Papá.

He glanced at his watch. Less than twenty minutes since he’d seen the sun sneak over the Sierra and already a heat haze threatened. Someone had turned on the air-conditioning; one of the staff hoping to get noticed for their efficiency probably. Perhaps he was too cynical, but even enemies behaved like friends when you held power. Sometimes he could hardly tell one from the other… Is that what Eduardo thought about him?

People called Rafael, El Fuego. The press said he destroyed without conscience because he closed unproductive workshops. They called him a boy without pity; they also said he was a boy in man’s shoes, a boy to be feared. He did nothing to dispel the image. Let them be afraid. Papá wasn't pleased with his reputation. Papá was rarely pleased with anything, work or play. Nothing was ever good enough. Papá once said he despaired of him.

Damn Papá.

He flicked the photograph around again.

He’d first seen her outside the campus at Keele in England. He’d been taking a break, trying to clear his head of fug. The day had been hot, unusual for England.

He’d heard her yelling; there’d been two yobs. To his youthful eyes, she’d looked a fragile beauty, a goddess to be placed in an ivory tower; yet drunks mauled her.

With deliberation he’d made them hospital cases, no mercy shown, the embryonic El Fuego, perhaps? His nose had been broken for stopping their pleasure but worth it.

He turned again to the window. Fingers of illumination snaked over the sierras. Above the tree-line, jagged rocks snarled like teeth in the early light. Lower, where sun had not reached, snatches of smoke curled from fires where workmen burned rubbish.

Two weeks later, after he’d shown her not all males were thugs, she’d shared her bed with him, her first time, she’d admitted, with embarrassment.

He’d been stupid in those days, would have given her the world if she’d asked. He could still conjure up those emotions. She’d been a gift, had taken to sex with feral enthusiasm. He’d wanted to stake his claim on her, but had stood no chance. No one would ever possess her; she’d been as ephemeral as mist.

Rafael stared at nothing. He thought he was over her. Seven years should have been enough. Now he wasn't sure...


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    • ajbarnett profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Costa Blanca, Spain

      Thank you for that comment, Minnetonka-Twin. Very kind of you

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 

      5 years ago from Minnesota

      Wow, it sounds fantastic. You drew me in and leave me wanting more. Glad I saw this on Mr.Bill's Daily Paper. Hit many buttons, voted up and sharing. Great writing!

    • ajbarnett profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Costa Blanca, Spain

      Thank you Prada Wallet. That's kind of you to say so

    • profile image

      Prada Wallet 

      6 years ago

      I visited a lot of website but I believe this one has something extra in it.


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