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Review of the Book - The Magic, by Rhonda Byrne

Updated on June 22, 2018


☆҉‿ I read The Magic in January 2013. It is written by Rhonda Byrne – the author of the Best Selling Book The Secret, A very powerful self help book (19 Million copies sold worldwide) which I have also read. However, The Magic is much deeper and even more powerful.

The Magic is all about Gratitude.

“A Thankful heart, hath a Continual feast.” – W J Cameron

I thought I had a heart of gratitude, until I read the Magic. It’s principle is based on a verse in the Bible. Book of Matthew. “Whoever has (gratitude) will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have (gratitude) even, what he has will be taken away."

The book is like a workbook. It has 28 Chapters – you can read a chapter a day if you want and it covers all aspects of life..

For example:

  • Relationships - being grateful for everyone who has made a significant difference in your life. It could be your partner, friend, a good boss, a stranger – but you have to think as far back as when you were young.
  • Finance – it gives an exercise where you are to be grateful for every salary you have had since you started work in life and every basic thing your parents provided, even down to toys and holidays you went on.
  • Turning Negatives around - Whatever has gone wrong in the day, just be peaceful and give gratitude in advance for a Maginificent outcome. Expect it to be so.

(That's just a summary of 3 Chapters)

•✫'★ ~ "What you focus on expands, and when you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it. Opportunities, relationships, even money flowed my way when I learned to be grateful no matter what happened in my life." ~ Oprah Winfrey

Most Important

Most important of all, the Magic encourages people to keep a daily gratitude Journal and write 10 things they are grateful for, that happened during the day.

I saw a lot of positive differences in my life and I still keep the practice of a gratitude Journal. Once in a while I will refresh myself on certain chapters. It’s a book that will:

a) Heal your heart of any hurt and let go.

b) Reveal how powerful simply giving gratitude is.

c) Help you to confront any negative situations with a positive attitude.

d) Will open the door for good opportunities and good things to find you and more, as your life circumstances are different from mine.

It’s £8.99 but the wisdom you get from it is Priceless – 5 Star. To preview the book, Click Here

Thank you for reading my Hub.


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    • Lady_E profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from London, UK

      @Deborah Thank Deborah. I am glad you read it. That book positively changed my life. I wish I read it 10 years earlier, but....better late than never. :-)

    • Deborah-Diane profile image


      5 years ago from Orange County, California

      I love to read inspiring books, so I appreciate learning about this one.

    • Lady_E profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from London, UK

      @Pamela - Thanks Pamela. I appreciate you stopping by.

      @Jools - The Secret will definitely 100% make a positive impact on your life as it changes the mind-set. It's because I read it, that I picked up another one by the same Author. Once you've read it, you would wish you had read it years ago. Thanks.

      @Vellur - It truly is helpful in reminding us of the blessings we have in life. Lovely of you to stop by again. Thanks

    • Vellur profile image

      Nithya Venkat 

      6 years ago from Dubai

      Thank you for sharing this review. The journal entry is a great idea, reminds us how lucky we are. Will read this book.

    • Jools99 profile image

      Jools Hogg 

      6 years ago from North-East UK

      Lady_E, my sister has been begging me to read The Secret for months and she is reading this book at the mo! Great review, certainly made me want to reconsider Rhonda Byrne.

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      6 years ago from Sunny Florida

      The book sounds well worth the cost and the time. I believe in those concepts already but a workbook would help you be consistent. Thanks for sharing this book.

    • Lady_E profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from London, UK

      @alwaysexploring - Thanks Ruby. Nice of you to stop by.

      Enjoy the weekend.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I love Willie Nelson's quote, and i like the idea of keeping a journal. Sounds like a great book Elena. Thank's for sharing......


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