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Revisiting Ecstacy Consumed.

Updated on January 30, 2010


Revisiting ecstacy consumed.    


sitting in front
of the wood stove
watching the coals
form the hades of now
heat making me sleepy
and dreamy on a day
just ended... that held
special meaning long ago

tendrils of smoke
and forgotten moments
circle around and inside
my head as the heat
burns pictures of
another place... another blaze

envisioned is a lakeside
fires smouldering
in two passionate souls
as well as in some
driftwood piled nearby
...sparks flying from
the flames and between
two sets of eyes
as lips collide
and limbs collapse together
into a shape molded
by consumption into one

lengths of wood also
collide and collapse
onto scarlet orange
heated ash turning
into a shape molded by
combustion into one

... soon body heat
replaces the fading warmth
of the fire....
fueled by the friction
of many kisses long into
the starstruck velvet
tent of night....

much later...
I am back by the stove
where only embers greet me
as I realize in the
gathering chill around me
that memories are like
tulip bulbs or daffodils
buried deep in
subconscious levels
and each new season
that passes brings days
where they re-bloom
from special times shared
that long ago
were shoveled under...
by life's passing

yet they re-emerge
and the sweet scent
of yesterdays as well
as the lovely sights
of what was
a garden in my mind
full of vast acres of
i n t e r m i n g l e d
with memories reborn.









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