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Revisiting The Past - High School Memories

Updated on May 25, 2016

Me pointing at Me...still on the wall of fame at my high school 30 years later.

Revisiting The Past - High School Memories

Last summer on a trip back to our hometown with my girlfriend, we decided to drive by our old high school which we both hadn't been to since we graduated almost 30 years ago. Friday night, it was late, I was walking you home...that song by The Little River Band was actually on the radio. It was a Friday night, we were in the area, we knew it wouldn't be open. Maybe I'll do a neutral drop in the parking my Hyundai, not! We were reminiscing...the song is still driving by our old houses and haunts, marveling at all the changes around town since we had left and relishing in some of the things that hadn't changed.This is still...that used to be. Sharing stories of what we did here all the night my friends and I...the stories went on and on. It was an unplanned trip that turned into a marvelous night. Anyway, we decide to drive by our old school...unlike Steely Dan who is never going back to his old school...the radio is still on.

The lights are on, people are milling about, cars are in the parking lot. We have to go in! I'm dying to see my picture that hangs with the many others in the halls for achievement in academics, sports, art, etc. My picture hangs for my achievement in soccer my senior year when we went down state. The memories from that season are another story altogether. We park out back near the entrance to the gymnasium. The doors are open! There is not a sole in site. It's been nearly 30 years! My brain is tingling!

The gym foyer has a lot more pictures for achievement hanging on the walls and a lot more trophies. Life went on here while we were away. We roamed the gym with heightened senses, with memory overload. Very distinct memories, pictures and words in my mind like a video. I remember the pep rally for our soccer team before we went down state. I remember specifically where certain people sat during the rally as their faces shot through my memory. On another occasion, I remember coming out of the locker room to my friends telling me that John Bonham had died and the Led Zeppelin concert we had tickets to was cancelled. My girlfriend and I again shared story for story. Still no one in sight.

We headed down the hallway to where there were some people. On our way we continued looking at the pictures on the wall. Fascinating to look at all the people. People we hadn't thought about for a long long time flooding back the memories. Who they were, what they did, how well we knew them, how they affected our lives, certain specific memories. We continue on. We reach the theater which is right in the middle of what we called circle hall...because it's circular...brilliant! Major remodeling done. Very nice! My picture has been moved?! Yes, I remember where it USED to hang! There is a talent show going on, thus all the hubbub. We talk to a few people, tell them that we went here. None of them has much interest. We used to be somebody just another brick in the wall. Sorry about all the music references.

We continue on to the the main part of the school where we had to use our brains. Classrooms, lockers and, of course more pictures hanging on the wall. Classrooms where I stared at girls instead of listening. Lockers, I had four different ones, proof of graduation in four years. I only slightly remember the vicinity of those lockers. The pictures on the walls are a lot older here. No remodeling here, no picture relocation. It is enjoyingly haunting in this the main wing of the high school. Nobody stopped us from going over here. Only the flood lights are on. We go up floor by floor by ourselves. It feels like we're in the beginning of a horror flick. The pictures here are faded. The students who came way before us. Where are they now? Spooky. Empty frames amongst the others. What happened there? We speculate. Spookier. We're having a great time! We've travelled all the halls. We sat down in the hall. Silent for awhile as we took it all in. A black and white photo of us leaning against the lockers shot from further down the hall would have summed it up...what we were feeling. We got up and headed down the stairs. Our journey here is over. We didn't plan on getting in. We ended up being everywhere within. We get back in the car. We drive back to where we're staying. The stories continue on the drive back and into the night. The unplanned trip that we will never forget!! :) And yes, I found my picture. I was relocated to the gym foyer where we entered. Just another jock in the gym!

The Brew Crew Of '82


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