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Revolution Generation

Updated on July 8, 2014

Strengthen our present existance to preserve our future

We seem confused about whats right and whats wrong.

Its almost like people do not remember the difference between right and wrong.

Is speaking the truth relevant anymore, or is it the fact that we do not care to practice our moral values or virtues.

I feel that many people are becoming confused about being Independence releasing a trend of an individualistic plague.

Lets think about our preservation to life, to endorse in each other.

I am sure many people have learned about history, and how far we have come.

Is it safe to assume we still stand for a world of peace; which is by far a ways to go, but its even further away with the way we live today.

The way we think has evolved so greatly , but can we evolve in such a way to preserve meaning for our future.

To give our kids a future to look forward to without worrying about a treacherous one. I would like to dedicate my time on this earth for something more than myself. We owe life that much to ponder about the way we evolve and can evolve.


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    • mike102771 profile image

      Michael Collins 4 years ago from Lakemore, Ohio

      Until we understand that we need to show fidelity to one another we will continue to slide into chaos. The internet as much as anything else has made us self-absorbed critics rather than active participants. And yes I know the irony involved in this statement.