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Revolution (Inqlaab)

Updated on February 9, 2014


The high tide of change brings along the new wind
A single entity followed by the voices of many.
Revenge is the fuel of insanity and insanity if the fuel of war
Judging the lives of the people at the flip of a penny.

Mindless are the leaders who judge us like sacrificial lambs
But underestimated are the people of this holy land.
A deed far too great is always hidden but never shown,
The good fortune of a king determines the right to sit on a throne.

The spell has been cast, the new wind goes forth
Starting at the edge of destiny but still going north.
The people come together the voices resonate
The moon waits patiently to foretell the holy lands fate.

The everlasting blue skies and beautifully enriched soils.
A war-torn country in slumber which is now wide awake
The prayers of our wise ancestors have been answered.
This is the Pakistan that Allama Iqbal vowed to make.

Personal Feedback

(Thought After Wrote) - This is my first attempt on something like this. There where a lot of stuff that I could have added, but there was just too many things swirling inside my head to put into context. Our history is rich, so writing it sized down gets increasingly difficult.

(Update 16/02/12) - I just remembered that this poem dates back like 4 years ago :p, but yeah, it gives me great confidence even though its not that good.

© 2014 Temoor


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