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Rewind the Tape and Rewrite the Script for Your Future

Updated on July 7, 2015
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Beverly Montgomery is a published author of over twelve books including historical, political, poetry, fiction and self-help books.

Background Information:

Years ago, I wrote a book entitled, "Rewind the Tape and Rewrite the Script for Your Future." I wrote this booklet at the time because I was concerned that too many youths were getting into trouble and they were letting their mistakes define the rest of their life.I knew this because I saw them getting into more and more trouble because they believed that they were in an endless cycle. It was then that I developed this booklet. It's a small booklet but it's a favorite of the many books that I've written because it says a lot in a few pages.

The booklet also includes a questionnaire that is used to extract personal information about the person desiring to make a change. Though my initial intent was to target our youths. It is also a great tool for anyone who feels defeated by their past or pass mistakes. The truth is, you can't undo the mistakes that you make in your life but you can move forward to make the necessary changes that will allow you to achieve the things you desire. I have recently updated this booklet and retired the old version but most of the book still carries the same message as referenced by the excerpt below:

"If I had a quarter for every time I’ve heard someone say, if only I had done this that or the other, I would be a very wealthy woman. Unfortunately, we can’t undo the past. However, we can use the past as a tool to help us avoid some of the mistakes that we’ve made in the past and then move forward to build the life that we desire for ourselves.

Oftentimes, the difference between one person achieving successes over another is not merely based upon the opportunities they’re presented with or how smart one person is when compared to another. I believe that the determining factor of one person’s success over another can and often is directly related to their belief system. You need to visualize, believe and see yourself achieving the success you desire in your life.

The bottom line is that I believe we were all put on earth for a purpose and God truly wants all of us to be successful and live long and fulfilling lives.

All one has to do is take a look around at the many inventions, progressions in technologies and the world to see that we were meant to do good in the world.

Although life may seem to be filled with more cobblestones than pebbles, you can better walk the bumpy road of life if you prepare yourself with the right knowledge and be prepared to navigate the bumpy roads that we will all experience every once in a while.

Let me pose a question to you. If you had an opportunity to start over with a clean slate, knowing what you know about yourself today, what would you do differently? Perhaps, a better question might be, would you do things differently if you could relive the past? Whether or not you respond with a yes or no to this question is not important. The important thing is starting today; you have a clean slate and an opportunity to rewrite the script for your future so that you are able to achieve your goals.

Now is the time for you to begin to prepare for the next part of your life regardless of your age. Remember that you have an opportunity to get it right!"

The information above is key for me and whenever, I feel down or defeated, I go back to this excerpt because I know if I desire a positive outcome, I need to continue to rewind the tape and move forward. It doesn't mean that I'm constantly starting over in my life. It means that I am constant keeping a positive outlook for the life I desire.

Open The Door To A New Life - Leave the Baggage at the Door

Rewind the Tape and Rewrite the Script for Your Future


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