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Tip: Becoming a Better Writer

Updated on November 21, 2013

Analysis of Laura R. Micciche's, "Making a Case for Rhetorical Grammar"

In Laura R. Micciche’s essay, “Making a Case for Rhetorical Grammar," Micciche discusses the importance of rhetorical grammar. Rhetorical grammar refers to strategies that writers use to communicate with their audience to make their claims more convincing. These writing tools are logos (reasoning), ethos (credibility), and pathos (emotions). Micciche models rhetorical grammar by using ethos. Micciche uses ethos because she wants to appeal to other teachers in order to convince them to teach rhetorical grammar, so their students can become better writers and readers. I believe rhetorical grammar to be an important tool for writers to use.

In Laura Micchiche’s essay, she directs her rhetorical strategy, ethos, towards teachers to come off as trustworthy. Micchice states, “Rhetorical grammar instruction is just as central to composition’s driving commitment to teach critical thinking and culture critique as is reading rhetorically, understanding the significance of cultural difference, and engaging in community work through service-learning initiatives”(Micchice, 717). Micchice makes this claim to illustrate how important rhetorical grammar is from the perspective of the writer and the reader. Writers should be aware that they are having a dialogue with their readers. In order to get something out of an essay or an article, the reader must understand the writer’s audience and the ways in which the writer uses their writing tools to act as either inviting or alienating.

From Laura R. Micciche's, "Making a Case for Rhetorical Grammar," I can conclude that rhetorical grammar is fundamental to a writer’s success. Rhetorical grammar has to do with the writer’s voice, whereas traditional grammar has to do with the study of words, punctuations, and their relations to each other. In order to understand the writer’s perspective, we have to understand their ability to successfully use rhetorical grammar, but in order to understand that point of view, we have to draw on their grammar techniques. Rhetorical grammar and traditional grammar go hand in hand because they are equally important to get the writers point across.

My experiences reading and writing has led me to believe that good use of traditional grammar is still very important, but it is not the only factor one should consider when writing or reading.

Rhetorical grammar needs to be used in writing because it gives readers a context to understand what they are reading.


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