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Rich Man's Secret for Attaining Wealth

Updated on April 27, 2007

Man finds start for search in a cemetary on a grave monument

This contemporary novel tells of a man with no directions in life and career who finds clues for finding the ultimate secret for personal success and happiness. The clue is in a graveyard on a tombstone, and he starts with this first clue, to a succession of clues leading to the ultimate success technique which the author calls the Secret which he says we have all been looking for. Read this review and find out what is found. Maybe you would like to read this fascinating book.

The following is additional information on this book.

Do the rich know something the rest of us don't know? Do they have habits, practices, or some kind of arcane rituals that give them the edge to acquire wealth, fame, or whatever they want? Is there something they do, either by design or naturally, that attracts to themselves what seems like luck to the rest of us day to day working stiffs. I have always felt that somehow maybe they do.

There are plenty of books out there that says yes it is true. These are written by people that are not wealthy but still claim they know how it is done. These self-help tomes generally will take you through a complex of mental gymnastics from positive thinking, to visualization, to imagining oneself as rich already, to programming the subconscious as if it was a computer. Some of these regimens are so complex, and require so much focusing and remembering things that one is inclined to conclude that being rich is just not worth it.

Compared to all these approaches, most of which have been around for years, there is another approach on the scene that is a radical departure.

Simple and easy is the key note. It says to think less, not more.

In fact it says think almost none. So couch potatoes get in line, this is for you.

Well what is this, one asks as his eyebrow arches with more than a bit of skepticism? Well let's let Ken Robert tell us about it.

First who is Ken Roberts? Ken Roberts is a guy that goes around in western attire complete with cowboy hat and boots. He has been well known for several years as a financial guru and entrepreneur. His specialty has always been stock market investing and in particular futures and commodities trading. He has achieved a degree of public recognition through his TV and mail advertising of his seminars and courses on how to be a trader yourself. The cover of a recent book by Roberts, a novel, which will get to presently, says that his "best-selling guides to prosperity have grossed over $40 million and he enjoys international acclaim."

Perhaps then, Roberts is indeed the person to present this new approach to what we should do to become successful. Here is someone who has apparently done very well for himself financially, and who by most definitions is rich and also possessed of very skillful business acumen. We would expect that any teaching or advice coming from Roberts would certainly be down to earth and practical.

Perhaps it is. Still his novel cover also states that the story presents "Roberts' own struggles and accomplishment with ancient tenets of spiritual enlightenment and the best of New Age imagination."

Hmmm. So let's look at this book which is, by the way, published by Llewellan Publications, a well known publisher of books on New Age subjects, and who in Roberts may have their only business expert author.

It may be, however, that he is not a businessman in the traditional sense. It is said by Roberts' associates that he only works on his stock market business about 20 or 30 minutes a day. The rest of his time he devotes to his own interests that are unrelated to business for the most part.

This book by Ken Roberts doesn't beat around the bush. It is directly and openly titled A Rich Man's Secret. Nothing like coming directly to the point. This 205 page large paperback is about a man named Victor Truman who lives in California, and with a name like Truman is obviously an everyman kind of character.

He is going nowhere and is fact currently unemployed. He has a wife who is luckily employed, which does nothing for his ego and self esteem, and he has two kids. He seemingly has tried everything and failed at all of them, which also does nothing for his ego and self esteem.

At the start of the book he is persuaded by his wife to accompany her on a trip sponsored by her employer to attend a seminar in a small town in the Southern US. She apparently believed that getting him out of the house and out of his doldrums is what he needed While she attends business classes during working hours Victor wanders near the hotel.

He goes into an old cemetery and finds a prominent headstone that has a cryptic message on it,

"Take the first step--no more, no less--and the next will be revealed."

Victor does that and finds himself close enough to the monument to read a date, carved very small, and which is unrelated to the Birth and Death dates on the stone. It reads Aug 4, 1899.

The name on the headstone reads C.W. and nothing more. During the next few days, while his wife was continuing the seminar sessions, Victor pursues the succeeding clues.

It turns out that the grave is of that of Clement Watt, a wealthy and internationally known entrepreneur of his time, a resident of the town, and who was friend and advisor to presidents. This in fact was a real person that really existed and wrote himself about this Secret.

The clues eventually lead Victor to a statue of a well on the grounds of a home for children originally endowed by this Clement Watt. The well has a roof with an attic, and in the attic is a small wooden box. Inside the box is a leather pouch that has several pages of parchment type paper. On the pages are the admonishment to read and initial and return the pages as found for the next person that would go through the steps.

The letter written in longhand by Clement Watt himself states straight-out that here was the elusive secret men and women through the ages had longed to discover.

"It is the secret your heart yearns for. It is the secret your mind cannot grasp."

He promises that the bearer of the secret could with it enter upon a new life.

"To enter this life, however, you must take the first step. Cease worrying about who you were, and trust not the future. STAY HERE. Rarely will you meet a person who is Here. Most are sadly lost to regrets about the past and fears of the future, lost to the ordinary, anxious thoughts that imperil our existence. Only By Staying Here Can You Ever Change. When you ask ‘How?' realize that Now is always the answer to how."

Watt goes on to say that this mind set has been known by only a "fortunate few", and that it obviously is not known by the masses, by educators, or "the so-called learned among us."

He says that some who have been blessed with this wisdom have rejected it, as any person who hears it may do. What is written on the parchment paper found by Victor, and which is several pages long in Roberts' novel, is condensed roughly as follows:

Your mind is not the friend you believe it to be. It is a mere machine that tosses out thoughts incessantly, mechanically. To cross the threshold to a new life you must remove yourself from your own thoughts. This can be done. Leave your thoughts behind. Living with them is like living life on the billiard table or in the rushing river. To escape the turbulence simply awaken. Where are your hands now? Are they relaxed or tense? Do you know the expression on your face? Is your brow furrowed or tight? What is the temperature of the air surrounding you? What is the position of your feet? This awareness of yourself amid your surrounding is Now. Something higher can communicate with you when you are in the Now, and it cannot when you are in the cascading waters. Always return to the Now. It is from the Now that perfect direction can reach you. When you do this long enough an entirely new understanding will emerge, and you will begin to think in a manner different than you do presently. You will become a new person. The demon fear will retreat and fall away more and more. You will perceive directions to proceed that seem impossible. Take the first step--no more, no less--and the next step will be revealed. In this way you will pass through what formerly appeared to be solid brick walls that you avoided. While you are conducting business, seated at the dinner table, enjoying a walk, conversing with another, even as you doze at night, come back to Now. Come back to yourself, a thousand times a day. Work at this, keep coming back to yourself, to Now. When you know not what to do, return to Now. Now knows. Wait there, and what you need will come to you. What you need is not self produced. Now knows you completely. It is your one true friend. Have no preconceived notions. Do not attempt to identify or describe any outcome. Watt goes on to say in this discovered paper that "most people believe that activity evidences productivity, and that when idle, your thoughts will protest ‘You are wasting time!' ‘Get to work!' ‘Idleness means missed opportunities!' ‘Activity is productivity!' and so on and on. These are tricks of the mind. Watch out for them" In briefest summary Watt says: Take the first step. Come back to Now. The next step will be revealed.

If then you wish to read the full treatment of the condensed version above you will have to get the book. It is amplified to several pages in the book

So Victor re-encloses the pages, the pouch, and the box into the well attic.

He goes on his way toward the ending of the story and to what he believes is a new mind set that will provide for him the kind of life that he believes he should be living and which he truly wants. He is certain that now he will abandon the lack of self-worth thoughts he has been struggling with and his replaying of past mistakes and future fears.

He explains it all to his wife who shares this find with him and they both return to California with soaring confidence and enthusiasm.

The reader will look up from this novel and wonder if perhaps this kind of thing, being within the Now, is what the sages and holy men of the East have really been teaching for centuries. Is it the same thing as the current rage The Secret by Rhonda Byrne? Maybe it is, or maybe it is just a slightly different point of view. Except perhaps this others simply put it in terms of their own cultural directions.

What Ken Roberts does perhaps in "A Rich Man's Secret" is put this same approach in the terms of our own time and culture which is basically that of business and material terms. Putting this in a practical frame of reference may be in stating that our subconscious mind, or whatever you call it, cannot really come forth with its best approach unless we are relatively calm as in a quiet reflection of our own presence in the Now.

Perhaps anything other than this is a form of panic which tends to freeze the resources of our mental processes. If that is the case then Ken Roberts' novel A Rich Man's Secret is not only an entertaining read, but is also some wise advice for us to keep in mind. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow seems to be giving us the same advice in his A Psalm of Life which Roberts quotes a couple of times in his story:

In the bivouac of Life,

Be not like dumb driven cattle!

Be a hero in the strife!

Trust no future, howe'er pleasant!

Let the dead Past bury its dead!

Act,--act in the living Present

Heart within, and God o'erhead!

Longfellow, A Psalm of Life

Note, this book "A Rich Man's Secret" can be purchased for one cent, plus shipping at, and this might be the biggest bargain you will ever find.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I read this book completely through once. Now I carry it with me at times and dip into it when I need a refreshing refresher. It is amazing advice. I'm a smart guy with a thousand and one thoughts in my head at any one time and paralysis by analysis could be the unchosen motto of my life. The advice in this book was truly transformational.

      After reading it, I did some research online about Ken Roberts and, as seems usual on the internet, I got a real mixed bag of opinions. Roberts used to sell a commodities trading training course and the reviews on that were very mixed and gave me pause. But I reminded myself that I had already benefited from his excellent book.

      I went to his website where he offers a three month course on finding success costing $297, which seems a bit pricey to me, but I'm cheap and always reluctant to spend money on self-help "programs" (meaning more than a book. Although lately I've realized the very BIG value (and risk) in buying and listening to CDs or videos). The introductory video on his homepage was VERY insightful and he has a very pleasant voice and manner which is only slightly stilted (you can tell he's reading a teleprompter but for the most part he's almost as good as a local anchorman). It's 30 minutes long and very much worth a listen.

      If I had $297 to spend casually, wildly, impulsively. . .I probably would buy his course. Why? Because he's not promising you'll Get Rich Quick, but that you'll find success. And his definition of success, which I really liked, Doing What You Love. Do I need a 3 month course to teach me that? Probably not, but if it didn't cost me $297 I would probably want to see what's in the course.

      Oh, he previously entitled the program, "A Rich Man's Secret," after the book, and you can find the manual to that course on ebay for $197. But the new program features "Action Steps" for you to take that he says are designed to change your perceptions. Since changing perceptions is the goal of any self-help book, CD, DVD or Membership Program, that sounds like something of value he's offering.

      Bottom Line: If you bought Tony Robbins stuff and didn't feel ripped off, you'd probably like Ken Roberts' program. Seriously, I wish I could afford it just to satisfy my curiosity.

      Real Bottom Line: READ THE BOOK!

      P.S. Sorry if this sounded like a sales promo for Roberts' course. I kinda used this hub to work through my own feelings about it. Make up your own mind and take the first step. Nothing more.

    • profile image

      greatful 1 

      8 years ago

      I got the book 7 yrs ago, finally read it the book hit home one the first books I enjoyed reading from cover to cover. I you are lost in or within yourself open your mind and read this book. It's great

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      write a book !!!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      hw can i become very rich


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