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Richard Laymon's 'Among The Missing': A Review

Updated on November 6, 2015

Pages: 393

Rating: ***

If any of you have read Richard Laymon before, then you're familiar with his writing style. Laymon is a master of the horrific and bringing the most grotesque creatures to life. So needless to say, this crime drama is just a little unusual from his normal work. Laymon's trademark crude and gory storytelling is still front and center, but this novel falls just a little short for my preference. I can apprecaite the fact that Laymon is trying something new, but I would feel more at home with a gross monster or sickly demented villain.

When lovers, Bass Paxton and Faye Everett, decide to spend a romantic afternoon canoeing on the lake, they didn't plan on stumbling onto a crime scene. It's a grisly sight, a mutilated female body lies on the beach while a half naked man is seen fleeing the area. Local authorities are baffled by the crime. There are little leads, and what clues they do find don't seem to match up with the crime's profile. There is something about the crime scene that just seems off to investigators, and everyone is left wondering if the puzzle pieces can come together before another woman is slain.

Bass soon finds himself in a terrible situation. The killer knows his identity and is actively pursuing him. (His life just might be the ultimate price for his silence.) When Bass discovers a lead, Faye has mysteriously vanished.. As the killer closes in, can Bass survive long enough to solve the mystery? Or will he become a cold case himself? Meanwhile, where has Faye gone? And how is she involved?

I absolutely love everything that Laymon has ever written. So even if I say that this novel is just a little sub par by my standards, that doesn't mean that it wasn't fun to read. The four hundred pages flew by quickly, and I finished this novel in less than a day. Fast paced and action packed, 'Among the Missing' doesn't disappoint. Full of twists that will keep the reader guessing until the very last page, it will consume you. I'm only awarding this book three stars because I know what Laymon is capable of. The concept and characters are just a little weak compared to his usual work. I would still recommend the book to anyone, especially if they're unfamiliar to the fun vulgarity that is Richard Laymon. As one of his tamer stories, it will be great for new readers to get acclimated to his style.

Among the Missing
Among the Missing

Check out this novel and more from Richard Laymon here!



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