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Richard Paul Evans' 'Miles To Go': A Review

Updated on March 5, 2012
Miles to Go: The Second Journal of the Walk Series
Miles to Go: The Second Journal of the Walk Series

This emotionally moving story is a must read! This is also the second entry into 'The Walk' series.

The Road to Grace (The Walk)
The Road to Grace (The Walk)

Here is the third novel in the series. Due out in early May.


Pages: 317

Rating: *****

I was given 'Miles To Go' as a gift. As this seemed like the type of story I would usually shy away from, the person who gave it to me was confident that I would like it. She was absolutely wrong. I didn't like it, I loved it! Evans has a real gift for building strong characters that are easy to absolutely fall in love with. I've read so many books, and there are only a handful of writers that can craft wonderfully life like characters that you could reach out and almost touch. Evans actually reminds me very much of the early works of V.C. Andrews.

Alan Christoffersen's world literally fell apart when he lost his wife in a tragic accident. Overcome with grief, Alan's job suffered, his bills suffered and most of all, his soul suffered. In a last ditch effort, Alan decided to abandon his wonderfully elaborate life in Seattle and make a pilgrimage, on foot, across country to Key West. Those who knew him thought he was crazy, but Alan didn't care. When the book opens, Alan regains consciousness in a hospital outside Spokane. Apparently the victim of a robbery gone wrong. At first, Alan feels that lonely depression creeping up on him, until he meets Angel. She is a mysterious young woman who has stood vigilant beside his bedside while he was unconscious. He can't recall who she is or why she's watching over him, but he's grateful for the companionship. Recuperation is slow and painful, but as Alan faces the challenges, Angel is right there facing each one with him. Naturally, as he heals, Angel doesn't hesitate to let him stay with her, no questions asked, as his discharge looms closer. After settling in, Alan soon realizes that everything isn't as wonderful as it seems. Angel has her own dark story that Alan must shed some light on. Even with this new mystery, Alan stars feeling emotions that haven't surfaced in a long time. Despite reservations for both of them, Alan departs and continues his journey. Alan doesn't get far when when he meets Kailamai, a welcome but unlikely traveling partner. Seeking a friend that is trustworthy, Kailamai decides to stick with Alan on his walk. Full of fresh feelings from Angel, Kailamai seems like a nice distraction until her own ghosts begin to surface. Already helping one person from the brink of disaster, is Alan strong enough to save another?

Evans has created a dramatic masterpiece with 'Miles To Go'. I learned quickly that this book is actually the sequel to a novel titled 'The Walk'. While the beginning is a little confusing, this novel soon blooms into it's own individual story. This inspirational, heart warming story is great for anyone going through hard times or just feels lost. Evans has cleverly crafted a person that we can all take a little away from. I'm eagerly awaiting the third installment which is due out in May, and I will certainly be first in line for this one. For being inspirational, without being overly spiritual, characters that are incredibly life like and for making my eyes water more that once, I'll reward Alan's effort with a perfect five.

In 'Miles To Go' Alan is faced with a tough decision about leaving Angel. Did he make the right choice?

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    • YimmyP profile image

      James Pagatpatan 5 years ago from Washington State

      Definitely! I couldn't put it down.

    • April Reynolds profile image

      April Reynolds 5 years ago from Arizona

      This sounds interesting, I will have to keep my eye out for it.