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Richard Paul Evans' 'The Road To Grace': A Review

Updated on March 17, 2015
The Walk: A Novel (Pocket Readers Guide)
The Walk: A Novel (Pocket Readers Guide)

The first novel of the Walk series.


Pages: 229

Rating *****

After I finished 'Miles To Go', I was left feeling so emotional, that I thought my heart would burst. Honestly, I haven't felt that way about anything in a very long time. I think that's why I waited so vigilantly for over a year for 'The Road To Grace' to be released. I was really hoping that Evans could take me back to that emotional place that only his stories seem to reach. After finishing each of his novels, not only do I feel inspired, but empowered. I begin to think that maybe, there is just a little bit of hope there are a few decent humans left in the world.

'The Road To Grace' begins where 'Miles To Go' left off. Alan continues his pilgrimage to Key West, Florida. Even though Alan's heart is heavy and his mind seems to be lingering on thoughts of Nicole and Kailamai, he presses on. Curiously, Alan soon finds himself being followed by a strange woman. Desperate to shake off his pursuer, he picks up the pace and soon she is left in a cloud of dust. Alan is relieved to be in solitude once again, but it doesn't last long, as he discovers that this mystery woman is on his tail once again. She turns out to be Pamela, the estranged mother of his deceased wife. Alan initially refuses to listen to what she has to say, but after some convincing, she reveals a hidden secret that changes everything he knew, or perceived to know, about her is turned upside down. What could Pamela have revealed that has changed her from sinner to saint in seconds? Further down the path, Alan meets Analise, a grocery cashier who opens up her home to Alan when he finds himself without a shelter. Alan finds out that Analise is a single mother who is also grieving the recent loss of a spouse. Like his time spent with Nicole, Alan is compelled to stray. Analise admits that she is unusually drawn to Alan, and he begins to remember feelings that he thought he was incapable of feeling since the passing of his beloved McKale. Analise is only looking for some companionship, and despite her pleas, Alan decides to continue his journey. As he's heading ,out of town, Alan blacks out and reawakens in the hospital. No one will answer his questions, so Alan suspects that the news is bad. Now that we're expecting something Earth shattering, the question now becomes, how will this effect the rest of the walk?

Evans has done a flawless job crafting a novel that is as riveting and emotional as the last. His characters: Alan, Analise and even Pamela are so impeccably crafted that I feel like I've known them all my life and can gaze into their very souls. Evans really seems to know how to bring out the best in people. I think that many of today's bestsellers could learn a thing or two from Evans' skill. I know that I'm certainly taking notes. While this story doesn't have that 'what's coming next' feeling that 'Miles To Go' had, I can still appreciate the beautifully dramatic events that do occur. For not only inspiring me to be a better writer, but to also be a better man, I'm awarding 'The Road To Grace' a well deserved five stars. I'm not making this up, anyone needing a little light in their life should pick up any novel from this series. It will leave your heart smiling.

So now that we have two possible love interests for Alan, who would make a better wife?

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