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Richest Blessings and Spirit of Christmas Wish for Your and Family

Updated on March 21, 2016

We received in the most beautiful note - hand typed by an amazing lady from church. I wanted to share with you the poem she sent to us.

This lady is stellar in every way. So beautiful inside and out with a warm smile. She is known for giving things away but most of all, she gives love.

She is aging and I know she will not always be with us. We just met her a couple of months ago. The poem that she gave our family, hand typed is listed below. I share it with you to share God's love for all of us.

This may be a duplicate of something from somewhere else - all I know is the sentiment is beautiful and must be shared.

When I dig deep, I know why this poem touches me - because of my Mother.  Let me share an intimate story of my family.  Let me share the skeletons as my Grandmother would say - I share these with you as a lesson to allow you to know what is right - learn from my tears and my personal trauma.  Learn the wrongs that were done and don't do these wrong.  See if you can find the wisdom in this story of family trauma.

Blessings to you and your family.

Thank You For Being a Friend

Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me Lyrics

Blessing Poem at Christmas Time

"I have a list of folks I know,

All written in a book.

And Every year at Christmas time,

I go and take a look.

And that is when I realize

That these names are a part

Not of the book they're written in,

But of my Very Heart.


For each name stands for someone,

Whole path touched mine and then

Left such a print of friendship, that

I want to otuch again

And while it sounds fantastic, for

me to make this claim,

I really feel I am composed, of

each remembered name.


And while you may not be aware,

of any special link.

Jest meeting you shaped my life

more than you think.

For once you've met somebody,

the years cannot erase

the memory of a pleasant word,

or of a friendly face.


So never think my Chirstmas cards,

are ust a mere routine,of names upon a Christmas List,

forgotten in between.

For when I send a Christmas card

that is addressed to you

It's because you're on that

list of folks, I am indebted to.


For one is but a total, of the many

folks they've met.

And you happen to be one of those

I prefer not to forget.

And whether I have known you,

for many years or few,

In some way you have had a part

in shaping things I do.


And every year when Christmas comes,

I realize anew

The biggest gift life can give,

is meeting folks like you.


And may the spirit of Christmas,

That forever, and ever endures

Leave its richest blessings, on the

Hearts of you and yours."

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Diagram of a Crippled Hand - Crippled by Rheumatoid Arthritis
Diagram of a Crippled Hand - Crippled by Rheumatoid Arthritis | Source

My Mother used to say certain people were nothing more than a ship that passed in the night. Oh, so many people pass through our lives. We don't have time for everyone all the time. We take cherished moments with us. These moment enrich our lives forever.

Today our pastor talked about treating everyone as if Christ were inside of them. What you do to the least of people, you do to me. Christ is in all of us. As I watched as little ones did their best to help with the service, watched the elderly with canes, watched the measured steps of a person with a mental and physical disability, I heard echoed our pastor's kind words.

My Mother was an elite socialite when she was young. Age was not kind to her, perhaps because of a wild young life, perhaps because exercise and taking care of herself was not a value in her generation. Whatever the case, she aged terribly and ended up crippled. She was often very much shunned. As a youth, I was embarrassed - I admit it. As a young adult, I felt burdened.

As middle age is flirting with me I have a new appreciation for my Mother's crippling disease that she battled unsuccessfully.

As a Christian I am reminded that the outward appearance of my crippled Mother is the same beautiful soul that raised me.

As a daughter, I am proud of both of her lives - the beautiful socialite and the embattled crippled soul I saw and tried my best to take care of.

On the day of her funeral, only one of her five siblings attended. No flowers, no cards....

You see she was easy to ignore. And yet, as the pastor said today, Christ is inside of all of us. Sometimes camouflaged but still there - in a small beautiful child, in an aged and crippled adult.

Tears flood my face and my soul - not just for her but for her siblings. To not see the Christ in their very own sad.

The lesson is to reach out to love all, even the disfigured, the crippled, the poor. All have Christ deep inside. Our Father in heaven wants us to love one another - rich and poor, different colors and more.

Our Father in heaven celebrates diversity - he created it. He celebrates different religions and he frowns with sadness on leaving a sister betrayed and forgotten on her death.

My Grandfather stated with sadness his children never visited but he stated they will all be there to read the will. And they were.

They disinherited my Mother.

And on the day of her death, they didn't even have the decency to attend or recognize her funeral.

The moral of the sad family story: Love one other as God loves you.

Christmas is Every Day

Christmas is every day. Christ died for our sins for every day of our lives. Take the time today to devote some time to your soul and if you are quiet, you will be able to feel God's love for you see the love of Christmas is daily. Pick up a book, read the bible, hear and or sing a song of praise. God wants you to know that today is Christmas and every day is Christmas!

Blessings to you and your family. I pray you will find the Christmas love in each and every day of your life.


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    • ALL4JESUS profile image

      ALL4JESUS 6 years ago from USA


      I am stronger for the trauma. God allowed this to happen for my strength. It is sad and it does cross all income strata s.

    • pmccray profile image

      pmccray 6 years ago from Utah

      It's so sad that dysfunction plagues all families no matter the income status. Blessings to you and yours.

    • ALL4JESUS profile image

      ALL4JESUS 6 years ago from USA

      H P Roychoudhury,

      The immense power of God, the depth of God's love is a mystery that we as humans cannot fully comprehend - you are right - we are ignorant - understanding our human limitations is a major step to enlightenment and growing closer to the God that loves us and wants to be with us.

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 6 years ago from Guwahati, India

      Very correct to say” Love one other as God loves you” but we are ignorant as we could not realize the love of God as he protects us from behind...