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Riding through the night (part ll) (poem)

Updated on January 30, 2013

Riding Through The Night (Part ll)

Searching for the lost soul of mine

I seek the light that will free my mind

I need a chance to breathe again

From darkness I rise and ingest the pain

Every step I take I fear that I will fall

To my knees onto my cracked bones to where I will crawl

The rest of the way to where destiny will meet me

Good or bad this journey can’t get any worse than this degree

Wrapped in these rag’s still burnt from the frost

I fight my way through this tormented torture at every cost

The street lamp’s are out and the moon shines dim

The struggle is more intense as this night grows grim

Feeling damaged I’m weak and disfigured

Pushing myself up, in the distance I see a dark hooded figure

Coming my way my eye’s close narrow and I lose my sight

This broken man is now deceased and no longer riding through the night.

-Jai Capone


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