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Right By the Bay (a poem)

Updated on September 11, 2011

 This poem was inspired by the painting, "The Fallen Deer" by Winslow Homer. It was an assignment to write a 1 page poem about a particular painting by this artist and I picked this painting for the assignment. I hope you enjoy it.

Right by the Bay

Three colors are used for this nature

Mostly white, black, and grey.

There are rocks and leaves, but I also see

They’re the same color as the bay.

The rocks seem flat as paper;

Smooth, but still have some cracks.

I can see here they support a deer,

That has fallen onto its back.

The leaves appear but not red like apples.

They seem to be dark as the deer’s eye.

Barely to be seen. Do they have a mean?

Maybe, but I don’t know why.

The deer’s leg’s in the air

Its hoof as black as coal.

What kind of mistake did the deer make

To make tragedy take its soul?

The deer’s head’s in the water

Its fur as bright as day.

Did it get shot, or did it get caught,

By a wolf who was right by the bay?

The deer’s location will remain

On the rocks is where it’ll lay

I wouldn’t go there, if it meant to stare

At the fallen deer right by the bay.


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