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Rings and Fings: Episode 10

Updated on September 6, 2012

Rachael turned and ran inside her house. She glanced back at Spam who seemed to be gathering himself for another attack at the traveler. She was having none of this. Passing Legion on the threshold she was suddenly out of the swirling rain and was running up her hallway. She saw the blood spatters along the way to the bottom step. She burst left and dashed into her kitchen. Grabbing the Purdey, she backtracked checking the weapon as she went.

“Alright you two,” she shouted, the shotgun ahead of her as she reentered the rainy fight zone.

Amazed, once again, she found only the traveler standing in the middle of her front garden facing away from her. His tall frame silhouetted in the shining rain against the newly discovered floodlights. The Capri was fishtailing wildly as if it had become herbiefied and was trying to get the hell out of dodge as quickly as possible.

She did not lower the Purdey. She kept it trained on his back. Rain tumbled off his tri-cornered hat and poured down the back of his long black overcoat, which nearly reached the wet grass. This unusual man had just kicked the crap out of one of the toughest in a family that was tougher than any other in the valley. She just stood there in the pouring rain pointing the gun at his back. He was as still as stone.

When Spam’s car had left the farm lane and was back on the country road, he turned around. The look on his face shocked her for a second. He looked somehow different. It must have been the bright lights and rain.

She lowered the gun for a second then returned the angle when he began to walk into her house. Rachael was still in mild shock over the attack and was torn between thanking the stranger and finding out exactly how he had managed to save her from the insanely strong Spam.

“Hold on mate,” she demanded with some authority, but he just kept on walking and then the cat stood up and followed him inside.

So now here she was outside in the rain holding a gun at nobody. She stood there for a long moment. Rachael had just witnessed the most amazing fight she had ever seen, live or filmed.

Rachael lowered the Purdey, then headed inside, out of the rain.

She tasted the blood that still poured from her nose.

Lightning cracked behind her.


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