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Rings and Fings: Episode 11

Updated on September 13, 2012
Legion | Source


Rachael decided to go back into the farmhouse seeing as she was standing in a storm and no one else was out here anyway.

Spam had gone, in a hurry, and the stranger and her cat had simply walked inside.

Still holding the Purdey in front of her she stepped into the hallway, nobody to be seen, she kicked her front door shut behind her without looking back.

She stepped forward slowly, suddenly the traveler walked out of the kitchen holding something in his hand. She almost fired the shotgun but managed to hold back. The cat followed behind him, looking up at her with a questioning gaze.

“Are you going to try and shoot me again, Rachael?” asked the smiling man.

She did not lower the gun, her face soaked with water and blood.

All three were dripping wet. The traveler had taken off his soaked long black over coat and tri-cornered hat. Bit of a cheek she thought, “But I suppose he did just save me.”

He looked down at Legion with that smile that said “I know everything and everything is going to be okay.” The cat mewed back at him. Once again Rachael found herself in a dizzying, strange dream.

“Okay Rachael, I will put this down on the table here.” He stepped forward and put the glass down on the end of the long hallway table. He then pulled out a piece of green material from another pocket and handed to her. Holding the gun in her left arm, Rachael took the light cloth with right hand. She looked at it for a couple of seconds, and then noticed the man mime wiping his face.

She lowered the gun, if this guy wanted to do something to her he already would have. She dried her face and bloodied nose.

“Okay then,” Rachael laid the gun on the table, within reach.

“You really should drink this and change into some dry clothes.”

She could still feel the blood, although slowed, still seeping from her nose. Her head hurt like she had been at a rugby tournament for three days. She grabbed the glass from the table and looked at it with curiosity. It looked very strange she thought.

The traveler and his new big mate the cat walked back into the kitchen.

She swigged at the drink and immediately coughed violently, and whatever the liquid was, it came flying straight back out again.

“What the bollocks is this?” she asked staring at the half full glass of green stuff.

The traveler and Legion emerged back from the kitchen.

“It’s a draught for your head and nose and stuff.” He reached into a pocket inside his waistcoat and pulled out a glowing green bottle, he attempted to refill her glass, but she pulled the glass towards her then placed it on the hallway table in front of the picture of the Maori warrior, he seemed to regard the glowing liquid with a distant curiosity.

“Yeah, well,” she said, dabbing her nose with the green cloth as she headed for the cabinet just inside the kitchen. She tucked the cloth into a pocket then grabbed a fresh bottle of Laphroig and pulled off the top. She walked back out of the kitchen and started back upstairs. She took a big swig straight from the bottle, seeing as her glass was contaminated. “Aahh, now that’s more like it.”

She paused at the bend in the stairs and turned back down to the traveler, “How did you know I was being attacked?”

He regarded her for a few seconds then gestured towards the wet black cat.

“Well I am staying in the barn for starters,” he picked up the glass containing the bright green draught, “But as I have mentioned before the cat is your protector. He told me.”

The traveler slugged down the green liquid without flinching, he was obviously used to that stuff. He could easily have seen Spam turn up and heard them struggling. It still didn’t explain the locked door though.

“Yes of course, he told you.”

With that Rachael took another huge swig of the whisky. She looked at her Purdey on the hallway table and decided to leave it there, for now, then disappeared around the corner of the stairs.

The stuffed owl looked down on the wet pair of black creatures.



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