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Rings and Fings: Episode 13

Updated on September 27, 2012

More Whiskey

The storm still raged outside the kitchen window, but the room itself was warm as toasters due to the fire blazing in the range. Legion the cat busied himself with curling up on his pillow bed in the corner by the door. The traveler stood in front of her. He was tall and thin. He must have some strength to him though, she thought, the way he had dealt with Spam. He smiled down at her with that long handsome face with its big nose, and glowing eyes.

He glanced at the glasses on the table. Rachael took the hint and poured some more whisky into them.

“Of course I knew that you had a visitor,” he sat down and picked up his glass, “But tis no business of mine who you have around. ” He took a swig of the whisky, “Legion alerted me of the danger you were in, so I came to your assistance.”

Rachael took a drink, and seemed to be in deep thought for some moments, “If I am to believe that the cat, not only talks, but is some kind of protector for me, then I should have no problem believing that he came to get you when Spam started attacking me.”

Lightning cracked outside the window.

“Believe this Rachael, I can fix this.”

She was slightly stunned hearing him say her name, before she could ask, fix what? Rachael noticed he was holding the broken pig statue. The blood had been cleaned off.

“It’s Russian, you know, ” he stated smiling.

He pulled out the smaller dancing pig from one of his pockets. She felt a wave of happiness flood through her. “That. . . that would be very nice, thank you.”

He gave her a knowing smile and replaced the errant pig in his pocket.

Rachael glugged some whisky, “You have some strength to you.” He didn’t respond, just took his own swig, and regarded the fiddle playing pig on the broken statuette. “The way you dealt with Spam and all.“

“The life of a traveler is long and challenging, you absorb strength as you go.”

'Probably beats a gym membership,' Rachael thought.

As though they had just appeared on the table, she saw the coins on the cross sticks. The rent! It seemed like there were a few more coins now.

She looked out of the kitchen window at the raging storm and suddenly could not bear the thought of sending this man out of her house to sleep in the barn. She wasn’t scared but she did feel safer with him around.

“I don’t know if this from the recent bangs on the head, or the whisky talking, but I think it would be okay if you moved into the house,” said Rachael.

The tall man just looked at her.

“You can sleep in the spare room upstairs.”

“You know what we need Rachael? More whisky,” said the bright-eyed traveler.

'Just what I was thinking,' thought Rachael.

Lightning flashed outside causing the lights to flicker out for a few seconds illuminating the scene with a blue white light.


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