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Rings and Fings: Episode 15

Updated on November 5, 2012

The Witch

The witch stepped toward him smiling. Farmer Spike resisted the urge to take a step back from her.

“And what can I do for you Mr. Spike,” she placed the luxurious cat on the floor and it disappeared somewhere behind the large farmer, and no, he didn’t trust that bloody cat either.

The funny thing about her asking him what he wanted was that he knew she knew why he was here. It was just a game to her. She loved tormenting humans.

He would often wonder on drunken nights how he had become involved with all this, involved with her.

“Let’s sit,” she said in a friendly, but demanding way, her green eyes flashing the same message.

Before he could ask, “sit on what,” he heard a dragging sound behind him. He turned, just in time, to see two wooden chairs fold themselves out of the shadows which lurked close to the walls.

He felt like throwing up: he always did when the air went wavy like that.

The chairs “moved” across the floor positioning themselves behind the two. The Witch chuckled and sat down on her chair, then gestured for him to sit on the other.

“And please, take off your coat and hat.” He nodded, and started to remove the sodden articles, rainwater falling off the end of his nose.

Farmer Spike looked around the small room looking for a coat rack or something similar. He went wide eyed as his hat and coat forced themselves from his grip and floated towards the large fireplace and hung themselves on unseen hooks as though they had become impatient with his dalliance and just wanted to be warm and dry.

She laughed at his mild discomfort, then summoned a table from the shadows to sit in-between them.

He looked around the strange smoky room with all its mysteries. It glowed with a strange orange light that didn’t come from the fire or the ancient lamps that hung from dark wooden beams.

She smiled again at his human weakness.


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