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Rings and Fings - Episode 3

Updated on May 14, 2014

She loved this car.

She sank back into the cracked maroon leather seat.

She shoved the eight track home and the first notes of Mike Oldfield’s’ Ommadawn filled the cockpit. “Aaaah,” she laid on the gas and the Town vanished behind her.

The meandering country lane provided a very real thrill ride. There were no lights on this road; there hadn’t been for centuries and there were no plans for them anytime soon.

Rachael glanced down at the red glow from the dash. She was in her spaceship, flying through the stars that were visible above the hedgerows that lined the skinny road.

She was suddenly transported back in time, a little girl sitting in the passenger seat. Her dad, long-haired and handsome, was driving his beloved Volvo at speed.

Due to the nature of the valley and the location of the farm, he had managed to work out a system. As they passed the old derelict station, he would have the silver car at about seventy and as the road dipped their stomachs would lurch to the roof.

Then he would then shut off the engine and kill the lights. Now they were a silent entity zooming along the country lane as a whisper; only the stars cold mark their breakneck progress. A spaceship, and apparently time machine.

Rachael found herself smiling, despite the fact that she had been fired, and had a weird time bending experience as she walked through the town to her car. She was happy to be in this car. She felt safe and secure, thinking about her Dad and heading home.

She didn’t really see what it was that suddenly appeared in front of her, just a bright flash. Whatever it was she now found herself twirling and flying toward the starry night for real. Trouble was this was just a car and not a star ship.



More colours. Blue. Red. Yellow. And bright white. The lights were blurry and entered unfocused eyes. The lights grew closer and beings in bright yellow glowing coats seemed to swarm around her.

“OK. Ambulances and police cars. All right, I must have crashed and I’m not in my car,” thought Rachael

Her head hurt.

The paramedics dropped to her.

“You’re going to be fine love. Can you tell us what happened?”

She couldn’t.

Mainly she was puzzled about how she was slumped in the doorway of her farmhouse and not lying in a field crushed and burnt in her wrecked ship.

Her head really hurt.


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