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Rings and Fings Episode 5

Updated on February 21, 2012

A warm breeze flowed through the open windows causing the lace curtains to dance gently.

It reached the girl sleeping on her bed. Its cohort the Sun followed its’ mate and poured warmth into the room.

She opened her eyes.

The first thing she saw was the Purdey lying on the pillow next to her. She jumped up and away from the gun as though she was scared it was going to bite her. She quickly surveyed the room. Everything seemed normal. Glancing in the mirror she noted she had the same clothes on as yesterday and that stupid bandage still around her head.

Rachael pulled her bedroom door, solid, and secured with that heavy bolt.


Her windows were wide open though. She glanced at the shotgun lying on her pillow like a sleeping guard dog. The lock was open so she could see the bright circular brass shining out of the break.

“So, it was loaded.”

The last thing she could remember was shooting the gun in the general direction of the traveler. “What had happened? Where was he?”

She had locked every door and window in the place, and yet he had just appeared in the kitchen.

Maybe he could come down the chimney.

She felt like that wolf from the Droopy cartoons, he would put Droopy in a crate, nail it shut, drive it to the airport, fly it to some remote island and bury the crate, then when he finally arrived home puffing and panting but happy, he would open his front door to find Droopy waiting for him.

She could imagine herself looking like the wolf when his major exasperation manifested in his eyeballs popping out, his tail flying off, and seemingly being able to float in mid air, while an old fashioned siren horn blared.

Rachael was hoping that yesterday had just been a weird dream. She just wanted this day to be normal.

But, just in case! Focus Rachael...

She suddenly leapt forward hitting her bed with a roll and deftly picking up her shotgun and clicking it shut as she continued her short roll.

At the side of the bed where gravity took over she pulled back the hammers then landed on the wooden floor on her knees.

Not wanting to damage her house anymore, or because suddenly the thought occurred to her not to waste ammo, she stuck the long grey barrels under the bed. She could feel the Sun and the breeze gently hitting her back.

Pulling up the edge of the quilt she leaned down and peered into the semi darkness, two green eyes stared back at her. Rachael managed not to lose the weapon and the feral cat known as Legion looked at her appreciatively, then meowed his ‘I’m hungry’ meow. Rachael backed out and stood up.

She turned to the open window, and sensing peace she leaned out letting the Purdey lay on the sill. Looking out along the valley, the sun was still behind the house burning its way up the valley. The flighty curtains brushed against her shoulders as Legion joined her on the sill just to see what was more important than breakfast. The big black cat sat next to the Purdey flicking his tail.

The valley glowed golden green as it stretched and bent into a fuzzy horizon. She could hear the fast moving stream which ran through the valley to the sea somewhere down that dreamy vision.

Rachael breathed in heavily. The morning glory entered her lungs and spread through her entire body.

A few chickens, loose and free for years now, clucked around the small backyard. A stone workshop with a corrugated roof stood to the left on the last flat ground before the drop of the valley steep. The chickens jumped in and out of both structures.

Rachael breathed in and stared out and the serene scene.

Birds sung, butterflies floated around, and the sun continued on its magical mission. And the girl holding the Purdey wondered how come she was in her room with her door locked from the inside.

Gripping the gun she spun towards the door.

“Okay cat, now it’s time for breakfast.”

Legion absolutely agreed and moved with her towards to the bedroom door.


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    • profile image

      martinnitsim 5 years ago

      hello again dennis sorry iv took so long here is there contact

      and details, they have a deal on at the mo ,tell them I said you would sort him out

    • sterlingpirate profile image

      sterlingpirate 6 years ago from SAINT PETERSBURG FLORIDA

      Cheers mate, and fans for following me.

    • kimhoehn profile image

      kimhoehn 6 years ago

      I will be waiting for episode 6!! Great writing.