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Rings and Fings: Episode 9

Updated on August 28, 2012


Was that Legion?

Rachael thought it was crazy that she just heard her cat.

Spam was on top of her except that Spams’ weight was no longer pressing her down. She was even fuzzier than she had been in the hours after the crash.

She felt wind and rain sweep up her hallway indicating that the front door was open, but she knew that Spam had slammed it shut, and bolted it. Rachael lifted her head slightly from the bottom stair and saw Spam’s very surprised face moving backwards towards her front garden.

The front door was indeed open, letting in all the force of the dark storm, and Spam was gone. He, well, had flown out the door into the garden and now she could not see him.

“What . . .?”


Legion the cat had been standing on the long hallway table looking down at Rachael, now he jumped down and landed heavily on her chest. Through her blurry vision she saw his yellow eyes burning into her; it was almost as if he was telling her to stay down. She grunted and ignored the cat's advice. She had to see what had happened to Spam. Was he going to come back? How did he fly backwards? Was he dead?

Rachael stumbled toward the front door and stepped into the wild wind and rain. A huge lightning strike lit up the whole valley. A sound like an ancient tree exploding shattered through the storms volume.

In that white light flash she saw Spam on the valley edge of her garden. He was picking himself up; his clothes were heavy with rain and slowed his actions.

“Funny,” she thought, “it seems very light out here.”

Apart from her front door light and the lightning flash it should be dark, but she could still see Spam. He looked confused and very angry. Looking to her left she noticed that the barn had suddenly sprouted floodlights all the way along its roof. “Huh? How did they get there?”

Now the end of her lane and the entire front of the house was seeped in bright white light. Then she saw the focus of Spam’s chagrin. To her left, standing on the millstone table, resembling a weird gothic statue, was the traveler.

He was encompassed by thousands of silver raindrops which shattered into tiny shiny shards as they hit his tri-cornered hat. He was looking down at Spam and appeared to be smiling. Thunder rumbled through the valley shaking the ground beneath Rachael’s feet. Another vicious crack of lightning lit the sky and the silver raindrops went nuclear. She watched in amazement as the traveler launched from the table. He went so high Rachael thought he was going was going to disappear into the pouring rain and the swirling black clouds. He flew up while the rain poured down around him.

Then Rachael saw the reason for the amazing leap. Spam had obviously gone into a dead run towards the traveler, but with him not being there, Spam had no choice but to look up in surprise and then hit the edge of the heavy millstone table with both his knees.

He cried out in pain and frustration. His upper body crashed down onto the stone table, his arms spread wide like he was welcoming it back after a long trip. Rachael noticed the bloody wound over his left eye, blood mixing with the streaming rain pouring down his face.

At the same moment Spam shot her a killer look the traveler landed from his brief trip into space and his heavy black boots slammed into Spam’s back just below his shoulders. Rachael heard a nasty crack above the noise of the storm, and once again Spam cried out into the rain. The traveler then went into backward-flip-thing somersault, sending glowing raindrops in swirls around him. He landed gently in the middle of the lawn, facing the recovering Spam.

An incredulous Rachael looked at the traveler. He in turn looked at her for a brief moment and he gave her a half smile that said “I hope you are okay,” then she heard him say for real, “You really should go inside.”

She turned to the house and saw Legion regarding her; he was sitting just inside the open door and seemed to be suggesting the same thing. She did not move and turned back to the garden.

The silver rain poured heavily on them.


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