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Rings and Fings Episode 2

Updated on February 19, 2014

Rachael reached the edge of the small town which was marked by a small ancient church.

The road dropped into a steep valley, even the graveyard behind the church sloped down as though the town was dumping its dead into the deep valley.

Rachael saw her car in its usual space in the corner of the church’s car park. She stepped over the short stone wall that lined the space. She noticed how good the car looked in the glowing orange lights, her dad’s silver Volvo sport.

“Hold on,” she thought, “When did it become dark?” It seemed like just a few minutes ago that she had left the shop. The Sun was still up then. It had to be about seven-thirty when she had started up the street. She looked behind her at the festivities going on.


The peal made her jump. She looked up at the glowing church in its short tower.


“How did that happen?”


She paused, staring out across the dark valley, and tried to gather her jumbled thoughts.


“Ok, got fired, walked up the street crying through throngs of people. How could that have taken over an hour? That’s a ten-minute walk.”


“Ok, I stopped to watch the street performer, but that was only for few minutes surely?”


Ok, whatever the weather, the fact was that it was nine and she really wanted to go home.


Slamming the heavy door shut and sitting in the big maroon leather seat made her feel instantly better. She locked the doors and started the powerful engine.


Pulling out of the narrow entrance, Rachael turned left and the car dipped into the dark valley lane that would take her home.

Rachael glanced up at the Moon, then gunned the Volvo’s throaty engine blowing past a twenty- five mile-per-hour speed limit sign and dropped into the night.

The glowing Moon followed her.



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