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Rustic Scale

Updated on November 10, 2011

Rustic Scale you have risen...maybe you have fallen...but the justice is done,

We have given you gold...given you unjustifiable crimes for you to handle,

so you push the ladder further left to find the book you want,

and you decide...decide their fate... Egyptian rituals dare not defy you oh great one.

I've decided to find you...lay before your undeniable wisdom and flighty sanction,

you created us all...and judged and framed the raw hides of every animal abound,

Why do we all not fear you...deny your creation through Gaia you never Waiver,

There will be a time... Hannibal the great wont find you...Rome cant try your hand.

If there was a time in humanities have seen it all before,

Noah...Jonah...Ra...Hercules and the great Kraken have all befell you,

slight yet canny fear beside them as they turned their eyes away from your gaze,

let them free...the bowels must let loose and find the edges of society enslaved.

I dont want the Rustic Scale to weigh against me...through which it knows no boundaries,

the scale of justice weighed gold no silver...copper swords once iron Hittites against you,

Tribulations admire your cause...bow before the insanity you persue on a daily basis,

you find try deny on every imaginable Rustic Scale.


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