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River Tooth of fear

Updated on October 8, 2010

What this is

I wrote this 2/12/06 for a class. We had to write a river tooth. What the teacher called a piece of writing that is just a fragment of a memory or somthing. I picked a nightmare of mine. One that holds the only and absolute thing i fear. Nothingness. I had this dream many times in points of my life that were full of stress. I was having this nightmare again around the time i wrote this.

River Tooth of Fear

Everything is dark. I can’t see anything anywhere. I feel like I am floating and unable to tell what direction I am facing or even if I am upside down or right side up. I feel nothing, neither hot nor cold. There is a silence that is overwhelming and frightening. I try to call out but I have no voice. I try to feel around me but I can’t feel anything. I try to put my hands together but they seem to go right through each other. I then attempt to touch my face but it feels like nothing is there. Finally, I become aware of the fact I can no longer hear my thoughts and am truly nothing.

     For the third time in my life I wake up from this nightmare. My heart is beating slow and heavy and my lungs are one thousand pound weights giving me trouble breathing. Once again, and hopefully for the last time, I come face to face with my worst and only fear, nothingness.      


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