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Road Rager

Updated on November 20, 2010

Blistering fiction Road Rager part 1

I am going to try a little experimental fiction writing which I am going to call blistering fiction. These are going to be 2 part stories and they are going to be intense.


I brush her hair back and I can feel her heart beat fast as my hands pass the side of her neck. I have never felt a kiss so hard. It must be just pure lust peppered with adrenaline.

My hands rest on her bare hips as that hot wind blows dirt as if it were ash from hell's creation. A bead of sweat drops from her brow onto my lip. I lick it off and taste of her sense. Eyes tell a story and hers just turned fearful.

Out of no where there is a huge crash!

I feel the rage as shards of glass float in the air from the barn window. They create a moments warning which might spare my life.

….....................But turn about is fair play and I can feel anger in the air.

A bad man is not molded. He just is.

Road Rager part 1

The clerk behind the counter says “$1.99 for the tobacco and buck for the papers so that will come to $3.19 with tax. I roll the tobacco tightly in the paper. The first toke burns my lungs but it tastes so good. I take my teeth and pull the dry skin off the top of my lips and spit it out. I am set for the road.

Driving is a combat sport. Each man has his own limitations. Mine are exposed about as far as my fist.

The car starts real hard as usual. Ain't life a bitch. I take the cigerette and breath the smoke deep into my lungs and flick it into a puddle of oil which is sitting about 10 feet from the gas pump...........I could care less. I am pissed as hell. It has been a long day and I get to experience LA's fine expressway system without air conditioning.

I get off the freeway and the traffic is slow and tight. Some idiot in a suburu who is in back of me cuts through the solid yellow line and gets into the lane and cuts me off. This guy has a crappy smile. I blare my horn for 5 minutes and flip him off. He does not know how close I am to dragging him out of the car in this slow traffic. I get into the other lane and gun the gas while my car is in nuetral pouring my oil laden exhaust into his open window. I shake my fist and give him a real dirty look as I scream some profanities. He look scared and backed off.

Lucky for him.

“Its a scorcher and the the commute has got ya in stranglehold baby. Here's a little Terrible Ted for your drive home”, Says the DJ on my radio.

The traffic picks up a little and I leave a streak of rubber 100 feet long on the roadway. I clench my hands tightly around the steering wheel and clench my teeth as I take a journey into rage.



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    • Ben Evans profile image

      Ben Evans 7 years ago

      Mysterylady 89,

      Thank you for reading. I will write the next installment soon. I am still trying to work it a little.


    • mysterylady 89 profile image

      mysterylady 89 7 years ago from Florida

      Ben, I did pick up on the fact that the beginning is actually the ending. I also like the fact that you are doing the story in two parts. You are off to a great start, and I rated you up. I look forward to the next installment!

    • Ben Evans profile image

      Ben Evans 7 years ago

      Thank you for reading.

      The first part is actually at the end. I need to figure out a better transition. The roads are actually really bad. I am trying to make small situations like road rage to write a short fiction with a twist or 2. I am going to see if I can do some editing to make the first part a little more clear to the reader.

      Thank you very much for reading and the comment.


    • kimh039 profile image

      Kim Harris 7 years ago

      I hardly ever read fiction, but I've been thinking about writing some fiction! Nice start so far. I like the idea of making it in parts. I like just a bite size taste of fiction. The part where you're in the barn, then there's a crash and then you're at the store was hard to follow, but the rest makes me sooooooo thankful I don't commute anymore!