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Traffic jam

Updated on June 6, 2016

Traffic jam, a very annoying subject to everyone. Everyone? Think again. Not really.

As a child, i remember getting stuck in the traffic jam with my dad, driving. My dad used to take me in his scooter. Sitting in the scooter, as we wait in the traffic, I used to gaze around and longed for my dad to take me in a car like the ones I see there.

I was 8 when dad got his first car. Driving past 2-wheeler vehicles while being in car gave that high-feeling of being superior to them. I have flaunted about owning a car on many instances.When there is a traffic jam, the job was always easier. All the vehicles are stationery which lets people to have a better view at your car and the people inside. So, I always loved traffic jams in the highway.

I also loved looking around at the different people in their different vehicles. Being stationery, a clear detailed picture of what was going on was easier to visualise. The sight of each vehicle and it's passengers inside had an untold story which let me make my own assumptions. Putting up the pieces together to make my own story was a fun thing to do.

I did not understand why elders always hated being stuck in traffic.

Now, being an adult I have become one of the older herd, who hates traffic. I wake up in the morning, have breakfast, get my lunch packed and rush to office to complete my nine hours of work. The earlier I get to office, the earlier I can return home.

I rush out with my scooter hoping to reach office in the target time I have set, only to get stuck in the traffic and lose track of time. Well, now I don't see the traffic jam as I used to. I don't give a damn about who's around me, what is around me or what is going on around me. My eyes don't wander around to have a look at others and make assumptions to frame their story.Rather, they are fixed on the red light with the hope of it turning into green sooner.

It's a race. Everybody wants to be first including me. Nobody is interested in anybody's life. All they do is, keep rushing and try to win the race.

I, once happened to go through a road which was heavy with traffic. The line of waiting vehicles was pretty long that the source of this jam was not visible. After waiting for a long time, I decided to park my vehicle and go and check out what had happened. Only then, I came to know that all this mess was created at the intersection of two roads where the vehicles from neither of the road were ready to let the other pass through which had caused a mess and now none of the vehicles were able to proceed. The drivers of the perpendicularly met vehicles were quarelling and yelling at each other.

Finally an elderly person from the crowd came forward, tried to settle the drivers. He then started regulating the traffic like a traffic policeman does and in no time the mess was cleaned up. The traffic was cleared.

Everybody is so stuck in this race that they forget that sometimes it is necessary for you to understand each other and co-operate to break obstacles to continue your path.

This is exactly what we do with our life as well. We are so busy with our own races that we fail to stop by and enjoy the beauty of what's around us. Neither do we understand that we are all inter-dependent on each other and this network is what makes our world.Ever wondered why kids are always happy? They tend to find something to enjoy no matter where you put them or what you ask them to do.

We all have our own races to run and our own problems to solve. The way your eyes see it and whether your heart instigates you to mingle with others or not is what decides how beautiful the journey of your race is.


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