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Robo Baller - My First Attempt At A Short Fiction Story

Updated on August 22, 2015
Short Story
Short Story | Source

PART 1 - Robo Baller - Cheating with tech is always a killer?

Mike got off the plane and felt the rain drops on his face.

“It's so beautiful here” Mike spoke with a smile and looked at the scenery.

“Now, aren’t you glad we took this trip, sweetheart” Mike’s wife, Angelina held Mike’s hand and smiled flirtatiously at him.

“Yes, I sure am” Mike smiled back and leaned to kiss his beautiful wife.

As they headed out the airport, a limousine waited the couple.

“Good evening, madam” The driver spoke courteously while holding the door open for Mike and his wife, “How was your flight sir?”

“It was splendid” Mike smiled and the couple settled themselves in the long luxurious car.

“Finally, we are away from all that media attention. Lately, it felt like we had no privacy at all” Angelina spoke as she cuddled her husband.

“Yes, well being a famous footballer has its downside’s but I am glad the coach allowed me to take some personal time off so I could go on a vacation with my beautiful wife to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary” Mike gazed at his wife and leaned in to kiss her passionately.

As the couple kissed, the car ride suddenly got bumpier.

“Driver, is everything all right?” Mike inquired.

“Sorry about that, sir. It's raining down heavily and it’s too foggy”

“Oh. Drive slowly then, we are in no hurry” Mike spoke in a friendly manner.

“All right, sir. Don't worry, I will be careful”

“So where were we?” Mike turned to his wife and she blushed. As the couple continued to cuddle and stay close, the drive got dangerous.

“I am scared Mike. It sure is raining down hard” Angelina spoke as she looked out the window.

“Yeah, I should tell the driver to stop at a rest house or something” Mike spoke and tried to look outside the window as well. At that moment, the car slipped and the couple faced a bad accident.

“Mike” Angelina tried opening her eyes and found herself in a hospital. “Where am I? What happened and where is my husband?” she questioned a nurse who was standing near her bed.

“You were in a bad accident. They brought you to the closest hospital, and luckily you had no severe wounds”

“What about my husband?”

“Well, he is in the operating theatre right now, we will know more once the doctor is here. Now you should rest please” the nurse advised sweetly and left the room.

After a while, the doctor came up to Angelina to inform her about her husband’s condition.

“Your husband was in a critical condition when the paramedics brought him in, which is why we had to operate on him and luckily we were able to revive him” the doctor informed.

“Thank you so much doctor” Angelina took a breath of relief.

“But there’s a bad news. We saved his life but sadly, we couldn't save one of his arms”


“Yes. His arm was badly injured during the accident and well, we had to cut it off in order to stop the bleeding and save your husband”

“But he is a professional baseball player! He will be devastated when he wakes up!”

“I am sorry ma’am, but there was nothing else that we could do at the moment” The doctor apologized sympathetically.


When Mike gained consciousness, he was informed about his arm and as Angelina predicted, Mike was devastated.

“Isn't there anything we can do?” Mike pleaded the doctor.

“Well, we can give you a robotic arm. It is the state of the art technology, but it’s ridiculously expensive”

“I don't care. Just get me the damn arm” Mike spoke firmly and the doctors started arranging the robotic arm for Mike.

After weeks of recovery, Mike was trained by the doctors upon how to use the robotic arm in his daily life. After all the training and hard work, Mike was allowed to fly back to his country with his wife.

“No one must know about my arm” Mike instructed the doctor as he headed out of the hospital.

“Sure. Don't worry” the doctor assured and the couple left.

Once the couple arrived back home, Mike started leading a normal life and soon joined his baseball team without telling anyone about his arm. As his baseball season started, his performance was better than before. His capabilities were enhanced due to the robotic arm and gradually he became the best base baller in his team. Years passed by and people talked about Mike as the best baseball player who ever lived. Baseball teams all across the globe offered top dollar to buy Mike and make him a part of their team and over the years, Mike became a baseball legend.

“Are you all right Mike?” Angelina held her husband’s arm and stared worriedly at him.

“It's nothing. You know the robotic arm is not comfortable to wear all the time” Mike spoke while taking off his shirt.

“I understand” Angelina spoke softly.

“Oh Holy Jesus!” Lauren, the maid exclaimed as she entered the room and saw Mike’s robotic arm. The couples turned and were astonished to find their maid, standing at the door. Before any one of them could say anything, Lauren ran away.

“What are we going to do Mike! Your career would be over if she tells anyone about your arm!” Angelina spoke nervously and looked at her husband in stress but Mike remained quiet.

After pondering about what to do, Mike snuck out of his house that night in a bad state of mind and decided to pay Lauren a visit. Lauren was an 18-year-old teenager who lived alone and she was startled when she saw Mike knocking on her door. Reluctantly, Lauren welcomed Mike in her house and before she could say anything, Mike choked her to death with his robotic arm.

“I am not going to let you ruin my career! I will kill anyone who comes in my way and tries to tell my secret to the world,” Mike spoke angrily as he choked Lauren and watched her die.


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    • Ragini Vashya profile image

      Ragini Vashya 2 years ago

      Hi Neil, it's a good story. I just felt in some places it would have been better if you wrote a little in detail. For example, when the accident happened, instead of saying they had a bad accident, you could describe in short how it happened. It puts the readers at the spot. Otherwise, well done.