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Robot world

Updated on March 20, 2013

Robot killers

As the scientists now build

the ultimate frankenstein

the robot killers

of tomorrow

devoid of conscience

devoid of feeling

doing the dirty work

at the push of a button

for those sitting in chairs

coffee in one hand

death button under the other

decision made

the robots raid

kill those folk

who lived their life

so innocently

but spoke a language

not our own

who said their prayers

to God unknown

''We can't take a chance to let them live,

they stand in groups

unknown to us

we don't want to cause a fuss,''

''press the button Jack make the robots do their job

''we maybe right we may be wrong,


we cant wait all that long'''

its nearly lunchtime,the robots start to move

''ten minutes left to kill those folk

then we can go and drink our'Coke' ''

The robots move forward with a chilling look

carrying out orders spoke from a crook

as the robots raise their arms in a flash

those poor innocent folk

did run and dash

like a lightening bolt

sparking thro space

from the robots

this energy did race

those people fell

not knowing why

'we didn't really deserve to die.'

robot game


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    • greencha profile image

      greencha 4 years ago from UK

      Thanks Imkarn23 ,its a bit depressing I know but,I find it theraputic

      writing down things on my mind. I wrote this after watching a brilliant programme called 'Breaking the set'-on Russia today channel. Was covering interesting topic about how scientists are now actually developing -killer Robots- for warfare-aghhhhhh!!!! I must take up drawing and painting again.....regards cx

    • ImKarn23 profile image

      Karen Silverman 4 years ago

      Wow...awesome, my friend- very thought provoking!

      Death is so easy these days, eh?

      And..we're called a 'civilized' nation...