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Rock Garden: An epitome of Indian Art

Updated on June 13, 2014

India is a great tourist destination to explore with various natural and man-made attractions. One of the famous and beautiful man-made attractions to visit is Rock Garden in Chandigarh.

The first time I realized my passion for travelling places was when I visited ‘Rock Garden’. It is amongst the major tourist attractions of Chandigarh, which is a beautiful city in northern part of India. Chandigarh is a Union Territory and capital of two states of India (Punjab and Haryana).

Back in 1957, a government official, Nek Chand, started making sculptures from waste materials such as ceramic pots, broken glass, bangles, tiles, sinks and electrical residues. In 1976, the park was inaugurated as a public space. It has developed into a huge garden spread over an area of 160,000m2.

Sculptures at Rock Garden made up of scrap
Sculptures at Rock Garden made up of scrap

The garden is designed with man-made interlinked waterfalls and courtyards with various pottery-covered sculptures of musicians, dancers and animals. The area is very vast to cover, but the art inspires visitors to move ahead.

Just have a look on the beautiful sculptures of ladies in the image below and see how artistically the designer had used all the colorful broken bangles.

Sculpture made up of broken bangles at Rock Garden
Sculpture made up of broken bangles at Rock Garden

There are many such sculptures made up of different waste materials. Nek Chand’s Rock Garden is a perfect and wonderful display of how scrap and waste material can be utilized in a much better way.

This garden is visited by a large number of people every day and the Chandigarh Transport Authorities provides a good transportation network to reach Rock Garden. It is a must-to-visit place for tourists on a Chandigarh trip.


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    • RawatHimanshu profile image

      Himanshu Rawat 4 years ago from Chandigarh

      Thanks a lot billybuc...its nice to know that you have taken time to read my hub. Do take out time to make a visit to India and visit Chandigarh. The city is known as 'the city beautiful' and you will feel the same on your visit.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      How very lovely! Thank you for the tour of such a beautiful place.