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Roller Road.

Updated on May 29, 2015

Deep down, beyond it all, there's an emptiness.
It starts in the pit of your stomach and crawls to the back of your throat.
You get dizzy and your head feels light.
Your breath comes in shorter and shorter gasps.
Your heart starts to race faster and faster and you feel nauseous.
Then, as quickly as it comes, it's over.
As soon as it started, it ended.
And you're alone.
Waist deep in freezing water, you desperately shiver to try to generate some warmth, but you fail.
You're freezing.
You're alone.
You've been forgotten.

And then there's a spark.
A moment of friction gives birth to flame and it roars.
It starts in the pit of your stomach and erupts up your spine like a comet.
Your hair shoots out like lightning and spreads into the sky.
Your eyes shoot wide open and your jaw careens to the floor.
Your heart rolls like a wild snare drum, and you breath fire.

Slowly, the fire fades, and with it, your heartbeat.
The air begins to leak out of your body, and before long, you feel yourself begin to descend.
You desperately grab at everything on the way down, but your fingers slip off of ledges and long branches break in your hands.
You feel the wind around you grow colder and slower, and soon you're right back where you were before, up to your neck in the freezing cold, praying for a spark.


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