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Romance Novels Guilty Pleasures

Updated on April 9, 2014

Romantic Novels

Writing romance novels can be a very profitable business. They are all usually written in a certain formula type of way. It is one that works for selling them. There are certain things that happen in the books.

There are different publishing companies that specialize in them. The largest one of them all is Harlequin Books.

The description of the main characters is likely to be pretty vague. That is so that the readers can fill in their own selves as the characters. There are certain types of people that they use in the novels that are considered to be more romantic. Of course, they want the heroes to all be very strong romantic types. There is really no room for anything else on it. Some writers do try their own different ideas out.

I don't read them a lot myself, but women that do are happy with them. I think it can help them to adjust to their love lives. I think watching these shows or movies will help you understand the business of writing romance novels.

I know I have seen and heard that some women do not like romance novels or that type of book. They look down on it. They can call them names such as "bodice rippers." Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on it.

Guilty Pleasures TV Show

Guilty Pleasures was a PBS show about romance novels. It is crafted so that it will open your eyes a bit about the business. It shows women that are interested in learning the craft of writing romance novels or they were just their fans.

It shows author giving a class in writing to several women. The author is an older English gentlemen. He shares his ideas and formula for writing the book. It seemed a little strange to me since he talked on it about wanting to be alone.

It also shows different women that enjoy buying the books. They have different reasons for buying the books. They come from different backgrounds and lifestyles. The women are very excited about buying the books. The books give them a whole new life. They read all of the time. Most of them read many books a month.

A Japanese woman is one of the women that enjoys reading the books. She has an obsession with the books and the men in them. She is taking dancing classes. Her husband is paying for the classes. She really wants a man like the ones she is reading about.

There is an English woman that reads the books all the time. She feels they help her in her life. She loves reading them and the world that they create. She has a new boyfriend to share her life with.

The third woman is from India. She has been separated from her husband but she hopes to get back together with him. She looks at the books so that she can gain the excitement that she does not feel she has from her life. Unfortunately, it does not work out well for her.

It also shows a male model that has done several book covers. He talks about his work and how he enjoys being a model. He also discusses his love life. If you would like to see a male model with a good six pack, he fits the bill. It states that he is the ideal man to most women.

This male model is looking for love himself and talks about what he would like to find. It is a very funny part of the show. He talks about his problems. He goes on Facebook and calls up one of the girls on his list to go out with him. She comes over and they begin dating. They seem to be happy.

The Woman Chaser


Sandra Brown

Writer - She is not in the show but she is famous.
Writer - She is not in the show but she is famous. | Source

Barbara Cartland

Romance Writer
Romance Writer | Source

Janet Evanovich

She is not in the show but she is another famous writer.
She is not in the show but she is another famous writer. | Source

Where the Heart Roams

This Movie won the Honorable Mention Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival. The DVD shows different authors of romance books. There are different styles of romance books. Some of them go into more lovemaking detail than others.

Some of the writers go in for more modern novels, while others are more old fashioned. Others are famous for historical novels. The thing that they have in common is that they focus on love and the women's side of it. It is all shown as being romantic love.

The writers discuss how the novels are being accepted now much more than they were in the past. Women now have more permission to read them. Feminists are said not to mind them since the novelists are women. Women get a chance to express themselves more.

They talk about the different styles that are being written in now. Some have a romance style they say leaves a lot to the imagination. In this formula, many women like to fill in a lot of the details themselves. Others seem to like to have it spelled out for them in great detail. That way they can really feel as if they are there when it is happening.

One of the writers was a man. He was writing under a woman's name. That seems to be done quite a bit.

Some people say that some of the books now are close to a light type of porn novel. Naturally some writers don't like that idea. Barbara Cartland is a very famous writer. She states that it is taking the romance out of the novels.

Barbara Cartland says that her books are better for women and that they come back to her. She has of course sold a lot of books. She likes a more romantic type of old fashioned style of love. Her love goes back to a different time. She says that the Romeo and Juliet play is what is romantic.

Ms. Cartland says that romance books began with plays such as Shakespeare wrote in his day. I think it is true. His plays could be quite romantic. There is nothing that quite matches "Romeo and Juliet" for being romantic.

The writers talked about their readers. I was surprised that one of the women was a director of stocks and bonds at a large company. She would read the books every night. The writer said that she did not have any other love life. She was satisfied the way that it was. It gave her a kind of love life that was interesting.

Best Romance Novels

Romance Novels

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Famous Model, Fabio

Standing with a fan  Fabio is not the model in the TV show.
Standing with a fan Fabio is not the model in the TV show. | Source

Romance Comic Book



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