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Romance Publishers Online

Updated on August 9, 2012

Online Publishing

Romance publishers online are quickly snapping up market share in the romance publishing world. The books they sell are edgy, fresh and inexpensive, and that's the perfect combination for romance readers who want to buy a steady stream of romance books. And because romance books are such a large portion of the entire publishing market - about 50 percent- these book publishers are getting a lot of notice in the publishing world.

Romance Publishing Terms

Online romance publishers generally don't pay an advance for the books they publish, but don't mistake these publishers for self-publishers. They do work with a contract for distribution rights, and they do pay royalties to their authors. A typical publishing contract may be for as little as a year or for several years. After that time, the contract either renews itself on a regular basis or the rights revert back to the book's author.

The royalty rates for ebooks are generally much higher than traditional publishers pay for print books. The royalty rates for romance ebooks are generally 35 to 50 percent of the sales price. These publishers often don't bring in huge sales numbers, but the largest of them regularly sell a few thousand copies of the works they publish.

The Largest Romance Publishers Online

Romance publishers online range from the large and well-known publishers that have been around for 10 years or longer to brand new companies that get little traffic and may not last. Many of these smaller companies have ceased operations in the past few years because they weren't profitable enough to continue. If you're interested in a larger company for more stability and a higher number of sales, there are several to turn to:

Ellora's Cave - Perhaps the best-known online publisher of romance, it has been around for a long time and has impressive sales numbers.

Carina Press - If you're familiar with the books available on eHarlequin, you may already know about this one. It's Harlequin's online division, but it publishes fantasy and science fiction as well as romance.

Samhain - This is one of the mot popular online publishers and the one that consistently attracts high sales numbers. Two independent sites have found that it has the highest average sales numbers of any online publisher.


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