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Romeo and Juliet: Is it a mirage in today’s world?

Updated on November 1, 2015

Tales of love and lust has been a red part of brain and heart whether be it Shakespearean times or today’s 21st century of digital love. It is just the perception which has changed and not the humanitarian feelings or emotions. Starting from the raw innocent romance portrayed by Shakespeare in his eternal love saga of Romeo and Juliet to the classy romanticism in Pride and prejudice portrayed by Jane Austen, the subtle romance expressed by Charlotte Bronte in Jane Eyre and finally into the saga of sweet and satire love tales of Erich Segal and Nicholas Sparks in contrast to the adventurous and mysterious galleries of Sydney Sheldon and Nora Roberts, in the trail the immense lustrous emotions so meticulously dealt by Paulo Coelho and E.L James, each page of these books take us to the same world of “love” with different perceptions.

But, today our generation is basically confused about love and lust!! Does that mean there is no real love in today’s world? And often, we end up in saying “Love stories can just happen in books”!! With that statement do we want to say that all these great authors have just hallucinated about some episodes and have penned it down?? Well, all these questions will be answered in this present hub and i bet I can make my readers give altogether a different view and perception of this fact.

A human and his shades of emotions is the ultimate thing which keeps a person alive on this earth. And teenage is the time when we start understanding the magical attraction between a man and a woman. And trust me, it is experienced by any generation of any times. A little butterfly crush on a guy or a girl and headstrong wish and will to be with that person or to die for him or her is in blood. Fighting for the same person with parents and the world, when caught, be our only motive to survive on this planet. That is the time when every colour and every song feels romantic and we just fly high around the clouds. And, this is exactly what Shakespearean love tale has been. And this is exactly how, there is a crazy Romeo in every guy and a crazier Juliet in every teenage girl. So it is not just a perfect love story of Shakespearean days, we all have had a little or large Romeo and Juliet Story in our life.

Then comes adolescence and we learn meaning of compatibly and class. We be careful about our dress and behaviour, we be conscious about the charming guy or girl doting on us. Girls start to dream about a perfect ball room dance with her Mr. Darcy and exchange of poised unspoken glances with some Mr. Bingley. She perfectly imagines a guy in her life who can take care of her family unconditionally. And, which guy doesn’t dream of a life partner with brain and beauty just like Elizabeth or Jane? So, all these wave of emotions fits so perfectly in the frame of Jane Austen’s story line.

In every person’s life , we hold hand of a partner who makes us feel the queen even in rags. We just want to be with the person who just loves us as we are and loves everything in us. That phase of relationship might not flutter butterflies in stomach but it gives a sudden feel of completeness. And this is exactly, when a girl gets her Mr. Rochester of Jane Eyre,

And definitely the life becomes a journey of love, romance, friendship, fights, misunderstandings, completeness, sometimes satire too... but it is a complete journey ...journey of smile and tears..a walk on a pearled road... exactly how Erich Segal and Nicholas Spark gives their every story a romantic ending!!

In between these lines all of us come across a dark shade of our life of lust which we do not want to reveal! But a memory made is made! Some memories are just of love, vengeance, power and mystery. Such stories of some people make crime, some turns into a dark secret, and for some it remains as a little fiery memory. And, this is the shade of emotions so well explored by Sydney Sheldon and Nora Roberts. Apart from it we all have our own unspoken 50 shades of Grey moments!!

And there comes a time when we tend to justify all our actions and deeds morally or ethically. We fail, but we still try. We forget that all our actions are a cradled child of our brain and heart. A child is a child however or whatever it is. We ourselves start realising out thoughts and actions and brood over it. And this is when Paulo Coelho gives us a peace of mind with his writings about emotions and feelings.

So, nothing is a mirage, nothing is real or unreal! Every single person’s life is a love story of a book. It is just waiting to be noticed and revealed with a perfect perception. We just unknowingly do the role play of several bookish characters in our entire life! When we all have a story then why not respect it and feel “Yes, even my story is just like the one written in books”!.

Love and smile...from the author.


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