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Updated on July 29, 2010

you wait for me outside as planned. everyone's asleep, and im taking a big risk by going. i bend down and finish tying my shoe.

I go to the back door, and open it slowly. a slight creek, but no one hears. I close the door carefully and guide the screen door shut.

your there waiting.

without words, you hold out your hand for me to grab, and we start to run through the neighbors back yards. when were fare enough away, we stop running, but still walk at a brisk pace.

the air is october cool, and your hand is cold. but the crisp coolness of the air electrifies the excitement of sneaking out.

i zip my hoddie up to my neck, and we continure walking in silence.

after a few blocks, i speak.

me :"where is it?"

you :"you'll see."

me :"is it far?"

you :"dont worry, ive got you."

i can see my breath, and hold tighter onto your grasp as we approach the woods.

me :"its in the woods?"

you :"you have to see this."

me :"ive been in these woods."

you :"i know, but youve never seen it a night."

you pull back a few stem like branches, and gesture me to enter. we walk 20 feet, and you point to my left.

me :"theres nothing over there, thats all sticker bushes."

you :"looks like it, but thats why i told you to wear jeans."

we walk over, and start making our way through the bushes. random sharp stickers pierce through my jeans, and al im thinking is that i dont care because its so exciting and random.

you stop in front of a huge boulder covered in ivy.

me :"what now?"

you look at me and smile. you place your right hand on the stone, and grasp the thick wall of ivy, and pull back.

amazingly, the ivy wall was covering a huge split in the boulder, wide enough to walk through. i grab for your left hand and hesitantly crouch down, and walk through the opening. i stand, and suck in my breath.

you :"i had to show you. i come here at night sometimes."

the ground we stand on goes forward another 15 feet or so, and stops. it stands about 50 feet up from what seems to look like another world. the trees are scattered, amongst many pools of water randomly placed around bushes glistening with dew, sparkleing in the moonlight. Fog thick and heavy, almost smokey and hovering about a foot above the ground.

your fingers intertwine with mine.

the want to kiss you has become more of an ache since we started hanging out, and playing footsie under the table in ceramics class.

i let go of your hand, and step over to the huge tree to my left. i turn and lean my back against the tree, still looking over at the infinate abyss. you lean against the tree as i am, looking out over the edge.

me :"it looks like an untouched world."

you turn your head and look over at me as if to say something, and then...nothing.

leaning over, you brush your lips against mine for the first time. i pull your left shoulder towards my right shoulder, and you kiss me hard.

hot breath clouds escape and mix and disappear. my heart races. your mouth tastes like nothing, and it makes me want to kiss deeper and deeper.

we pull at each other almost as if were trying to press through to the other side. you pull my zipper down just a little, and kiss my neck. the cold that i zipped out earlier is welcomed now, and the chill rushes over me.

me :"i have to get back."

you :"i know"

5 minutes goes by

you :"i dont want to leave"

me :"just a little longer."

20 minutes goes by, and you back up just a little, and pull me forward. you take my hand, and we walk towards the stone. we exit through the stone, and you close the ivy behind me, making sure to fully cover the opening.

you :"tommorow night?"

me :"definately."

my face is hot and blushed

you :"theres 4 more entrances that i know of down under the cliff."

i find excitement in knowing that, because it will be new again at least 4 more times. nothing is as exciting as the first time of anything. we hold hands, and unlike our walk towards the woods, we walk slowly.

we stop at the corner of my street, and you gently press me against the telephone pole, and kiss me. after another 10 minutes i say that i really have to go. you back away slowly, and watch as i make my way through the neighbors back yards. you wait until i go inside, and you start your walk home.

i ease myself in through the back door careful not to make a sound, and creep my way over to and up the stairs. i open my door gently and make it unnoticed into my room. i undress, grab a tank top, and an oversized pair of sweatpants, and dress for bed. too charged up from the night to sleep, i lay in my bed, and stare at the ceiling of my dimly lit room.

starting to feel a little calmer, and a little drowsy, i lean over, and grab my headphones. i skip to a mellow track, and put it on repeat. listening to the music, i play the night over and over again in my mind as i fall asleep.


Now a challange. Write one about the next night. maybe going through one of the other entrances, or something. It might be outside of your relm, but id really like to see you try. E-mail me when youve done it, so i can read it!


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    • the pink umbrella profile image

      the pink umbrella 7 years ago from the darkened forest deep within me.

      They have told you your hubs suck more than once? Wow, they really dont know what a good hub is when they see one. I mean...hubpages higher ups are awesome...oh god im in trouble...:P

    • tom hellert profile image

      tom hellert 7 years ago from home

      its up to you whatcha wanna do - yes its out of my writing "sweet swing area". I still went into a science section- of the piece-

      I am thinking of doing a hub-where you can go back and forth between sections of the hub amd different hubs to get a different result= a build your own story hub.... hhhmmm not sure hubpages will deem it a real hub-I'll ask hubpages first lord knows they have sent me enough emails telling me I suck on hubs- I'll have to ask...neat idea


    • the pink umbrella profile image

      the pink umbrella 7 years ago from the darkened forest deep within me.

      Tom- wheres your zilla face? Cant wait to read night two...i always wanted to do one of those storie things where someone starts, and you take over, and then another person continues, and it loops back around, and so on. Mybe i should write just the begining of a story and invite others to finish it. I hope others join in the fun and write another night, im just most excited to read your version because it seems out of your writing realm.

    • profile image

      tom hellert 7 years ago

      I like the story I'm almost done w night 2

      As for the pics your beautiful either way- But I like either one although the other one draws attention to several parts of the photo....the necklace is a lovely piece of jewelry for sure....



    • the pink umbrella profile image

      the pink umbrella 7 years ago from the darkened forest deep within me.

      Zilla- yea, but what did you think of the story?

      And thanx, i like this pic better than boobie bed slut pic, lol

    • tom hellert profile image

      tom hellert 7 years ago from home

      Interesting idea - will do... AS ALWAYS ANOTHER CUTE PICTURE