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Zodiac Rorschach

Updated on March 17, 2011

What is this?

Freshmen year of College I took up an Alias of Zodiac Rorschach. I'd post poems all over my dorm with the name Zodiac and then the Rorschach symbol from Watchmen. I wanted to use it to help people.... but the average College Freshmen proved to be as Idiot as the average High School Freshmen... no one read them... it was depressing and I slowly stopped writing them. Here is the first 3 I wrote


To what be this little thing,

Such a little JERK it be,

It pushes one to fear the dark and alone,

Or forever be it’s little toy,

In your head it makes a ring,

Making you blind so you can’t see,

Seeking sympathy like a student loan,

From every girl acting as a decoy.

Ode to Pain

Love leads to hurt stabing through your heart,

Friendship leads to a knife in the back.

Both hit the spot like a dart,

Their pain hurts more then a Zombie attack.

My darkness lies in the light,

My light hides in the dark.

Walk upon me I don’t know how to fight,

My bite is bad but you should fear my bark.

No I am not a wolf man or a puppy dog,

A cat, a rat or even a Homo Sapien describe me more.

My mind is always blank with a ticking cog,

With me this hall will never be a bore.

A Hello From your Daily Poem Guy

Zodiac Rorschach is my name,

Writing Poems shall be my game,

Huh… that last rhyme was kinda lame,

Oh well it’s been typed such a shame,

Maybe a form of old will be better,

I foresee a Roman gray hair man,

Typing up an ancient epic letter,

He is the best of my Clan,

It tis Dante not an English setter.

That was fun time for bed,

Or maybe to put thoughts in your head.

A note about the last one

Yeah that last one at the end of which is where I gave a face to my persona. It was in the form of a Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta with *WINK* *WINK* on either side of it..... so it was like this

*WINK* <insert G. F. mask pic> *WINK*

yeah I did have fun with it by the way..... too bad the idea died so quickly.

Also this one I tried putting in the Elevator of the Dorm.... that didn't go so well.... sadly


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    • profile image

      Doug Turner Jr. 7 years ago

      These short poems will have to be proofread more carefully before I can comment. I can only handle the misspelled word "apon" so many times before my mind retreats.

      Dude, here's the deal: you left a flurry of great comments on my hubs recently. I don't think anyone on hubpages has ever tackled so many of my poems at one time. Your comments were not only encouraging and positive, but also constructive as you pointed out problems and glitches in an honest fashion. You obviously have an acute mind and the patience to carefully dissect information. However, I'm slightly disappointed to stop in here and encounter such laziness when it comes to your own poetry. You know damn well that you have more stories floating around inside of you, as well as cleaner, more polished versions of the hubs already published. You know this, and now I know this.

      Like the zodiac poems you left all over your dorms, these hubs will be totally ignored until you take the time to edit them, as well as comment on more people's hubs and be a part of the community. No one is going to come seeking you out to be blown away by your words. You have to introduce them. Also, lose the mentality that people are generally stupid and no one understands your superior intellect. It's the viewpoint of artistic amateurs. Make your work relatable to your fellow human beings, or keep your writings yourself, if that's what you prefer.

      Keep at it. Forge your art through fire. Peace.