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Rory Story Cubes Stories: Beating the Invisible Hand

Updated on April 8, 2012

There once was a man who was in a bad situation. He was charged for the crime of heresy.Apparently being a Free Thinker was a crime of some sort in this town he was living in. The man's name was Robert. Of Course the Invisible Hand had a role in this. Heck it was the Invisible Hand moving all the pieces. And Robert was playing this sick game of theirs for a while.

Eventually he was boxed in, and yet throughout all this he still was crafty enough to come up with an idea. His idea was to flee. But he couldn't just leave cause this will trigger the armies to be sent after him. He was under surveillance. He knew no matter what he had to go to court . SO what was he to do while he waits for his impending court case?

He decide to go to the park and meet up with a man who was an expert at these situations. This man was the only man who ever played the game and won. Some say he was a drunk, others say he was a wizard, while the rest will say he's just a crazy old fool living out his delusions. No matter what anybody said of this man Robert knew he was his only option out. After this crazy drunk wizard was the only one to ever defeat the Invisible Hand at his own game. So Robert decided to meet him at his usual hangout. A Bridge over the river that had a piece of dry land and a table underneath it.

Robert introduced himself to the man, "Hi my name is Robert".

The man replied, "I know who you are. I know everybody that gets into trouble playing with the Invisible Hand. Langley".

They shake each other hands.

Langley states, "Well before you say anything I shall give you this and let you be on your way".

Langley hands Robert a Card with an L on it. Robert in utter confusions yells out, "What am I suppose to do with this?". Langley says "Show it to the judge. He knows what to do with".

Robert decided to accept the card and be on his way. This game is weird enough as it is. And he was pretty desperate to win it.

The next day Robert heads to court with the card in his Pocket. He walks into the courtroom confidently but a bit worrisome. Thinking to himself "How will this work? If this doesn't work what happen after this? I will surely end up in jail forever to be at the whim of the Invisible Hand". Seeing that he didn't have any other options he was willing to go with it.

At the trial the Judge said. "What is your plea Guilty or not Guilty?

Robert said nothing as he pulled out the card and showed it to everyone in the courtroom. Standing there confidently he awaited their response. Everyone suddenly erupted in laughter, including the Judge. The Judge realizing he had never laughed like this in his entire life decided that he will dismiss all charges.

Robert was confused at first but then he quickly realized what happened. The best way to defeat your opponent was by not taking it seriously

Robert being happy with the events that had transpired wasted no time on preparing his bags for the travel. He always wanted to live in Tropics. And why not he felt he needed the celebratory vacation. So that is exactly what he did, he bought a ticket to a wonderful Tropical location. And left the next morning. And that is where he send his time now. Laying Happily on the beach content with the knowing he defeated The Invisible Hand at its own game.

Would love to hear your opinion on this story

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    • CenterAll72 profile image

      CenterAll72 5 years ago from New York

      Haha! That's Great. Glad she is enjoying the gift. Your so right on them being great for story lines and

      brainstorming. In my experience I seem to be getting better at it. I plan on writing more stories inspired by playing with these cubes.

    • SopranoRocks profile image

      SopranoRocks 5 years ago from Upper Peninsula, Michigan, USA

      I bought these for my 12 year old niece for Xmas and she loves them. She spends most of her time writing and reading. They are great for creating story lines and brainstorming ideas. Also we adults played them like a game with her once and it was fun for all!