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Rose Hall Great House, Jamaica

Updated on November 8, 2013

by Christine B.

Built in the 1770’s the Rose Hall Great House is one of the oldest structures in Jamaica. It is also the most infamous as it is well known to be haunted by the ghost of Annie Palmer, former mistress of Rose Hall, along with some of Annie’s hapless victims.

Annie Palmer arrived at Rose Hill in 1820 and she has never left.

Although Annie was strikingly beautiful, she was alleged to be a witch. She was only 4 feet 11 inches tall but it was also rumored that she was responsible for the deaths of four of her late husbands. Like a black widow, Annie was also thought to have permanently dispatched many other lovers and slaves after they upset her in some way or if she simply grew tired of them. Along with being a witch, Annie also practiced voodoo. The Rose Hall sugar cane plantation had over 2,000 slaves when Annie lived there, so she had lots of resources for her treacherous and sinister appetite. She was eventually found murdered in her bed, supposedly by one of her slaves during an uprising.

The home was completely renovated in 1960 when former lieutenant governor for Delaware state and multimillionaire, John Rollins purchased the estate.

In 1978 Clairvoyant Bambos attempted to contact Annie via a seance. A spirit (which was not believed to be Annie) led him to her grave at the rear of the house where he found a voodoo doll and in incense burner inside a termite nest.

Many visitors to Rose Hill have taken photographs and found ghostly faces showing up in them. This is especially prevalent when taking photos of the headboard of Annie’s bed, where she was found murdered. Some guests actually have seen a white blur on the headboard before they take the photograph!

If you visit Rose Hall you might hear sounds of screams coming from deep down in the dungeons. They are believed to be echoes from the torture and murdered victims of Annie Palmer. Disembodied music and the sound of someone tapping on the walls can also be heard throughout the house along with the sounds of footsteps rushing through hallways. All of these things are accompanied by the fluctuations of the lights and unexplained spirit images showing up in photographs.

The next time you’re on a cruise to Jamaica and Montego Bay, stop by Rose Hall and visit Annie.


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