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Roswell, New Mexico Revisited

Updated on August 2, 2013
Original News article right after they found the debris on the Roswell ranch.
Original News article right after they found the debris on the Roswell ranch.
The firemen who helped with the debris recovery.
The firemen who helped with the debris recovery.
The government memo regarding the Roswell incident.
The government memo regarding the Roswell incident.
Photo of crashed "Weather Balloon."  Right!
Photo of crashed "Weather Balloon." Right!

by Christine B.

This is the original newspaper account of the finding of a wrecked alien space-craft on a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, [top right]. The news article was quickly countermanded a few days later by the US Air Force stating what was really found was a weather balloon. It was the first of many cover ups of governments all over the world of UFO and alien visitations.

Recently the US and other world governments have declassified many documents regarding UFOs and alien contact with high officials of our planet. The office memo at the right is an example of one of these documents. It is dated March 29, 1950, almost three years after the alien ship and bodies were discovered in Roswell.

With the release of these former top-secret documents also come testimonies from people who have kept what they know a secret for decades for fear of retribution from government enforcement agencies, (Men in Black).

There are a few witnesses to the original event who are still alive today. Several former firemen in the Roswell area were involved in the recovery of the space craft n 1947. Two of them confirmed that what they found was an alien space craft. One of the sons of one of the Roswell firemen reported this to reporter, Anthony Bragalia: "It did happen. There was a big cover up. The crash was real." When asked how he knew of this, the son said, "I knew too manywho knew."

Witnesses of what was really found at the crash site were visited by a Colonel from the Roswell Army Air Field. The firemen reported that they were intimidated by the Colonel to keep what they knew a secret from everyone and that no one was permitted to speak to the media. A few days after the Colonel spoke to the firemen, the City Manager, C. M. Woodbury also showed up at the station. Woodbury reinforced what the Colonel had said to them and made it quite clear that the entire incident should be kept Top Secret. Every city employee involved in the recovery process, including the Roswell Sheriff’s Department, was involved in the cover up of what was really found at the crash site.

One of the firemen, Dan Dwyer, did acknowledge to his daughter, Frankie Rowe that he had seen an alien space craft at the crash site and he also was able to see its occupants, who were definitely alien. Dan reported that it was NOT a balloon or any other type of US military equipment. He also said that he had been told by one of the military personnel at the scene that it was not a craft from anywhere on Earth. There had been a tremendous concern about what was found because of this, which also supports the fact that it was not a weather balloon.

When Dan was asked how he dealt with what he had seen he replied, “We just didn’t really ever think about those kinds of things at the time, but I do now!”

The firemen who are still alive are quite old at this point and they don’t relish the thought of being harassed by reporters so they asked not to be identified. It is an act of bravery that they have come forward in order to set the historic record right. Although they do not have any photographic evidence, we now have documentary evidence from the US Government that there was indeed a massive cover up of the events that took place in Roswell in 1947. The Roswell incident is just the first of many cover ups that have taken place since. Once the government began the cover up of this incident they felt it necessary to continue it with every other UFO case they were privy to.

One has to ponder and question what else has been covered up throughout history. All history is relative to who is recording it and their motives for changing it.


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