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Rough Sea Justice (the novel)

Updated on March 12, 2014

I am sure I am not the first person to experience the feelings of frustration and anger when I see people end up in court, or even in jail as a result of using excessive force in order to defend their property or possessions. It seems all too often that the law protects the criminals and essentially ties the hands of the potential victims. Personally if someone had broken into my home, or there was any thought in my mind that my family or myself were in danger, I wouldn't hesitate to use whatever force I needed to in order to disable the perpetrator. I certainly wouldn't be judging just how hard I hit them with the nearest blunt object, as I would want to be damn sure they didn't get up again once walloped on the back of the head (assuming that was even an option).

Now clearly I am not alone in this way of thinking as the author James Cassaday focuses on this very situation in his novel Rough Sea Justice. I have read this novel and my imagination was captured from the very start. The best thing is it is now available as an Ebook, so making it very affordable and a great gift for anyone with a digital book reader such as a Kindle.

James Cassaday (Author)
James Cassaday (Author) | Source

About Rough Sea Justice

This fiction novel focuses on Guernsey resident James Cook, a man attacked by two assailants on his yacht whilst moored in one of Guernsey's marinas. In the course of defending himself and his property James accidentally kills the two attackers, then panics, fakes his own death, and goes on the run in his small yacht 'Zephyr'.

Rough Sea Justice has the ability to keep you either on the edge of your seat, or chuckling to yourself as you travel with James and watch his bungling efforts to survive one crisis after another, and still maintain a love life whilst avoiding being caught or killed.

I found this book hard to put down, and confess I read it in about three sessions. Whilst I personally have little knowledge of sailing in general, I would suggest that this book is an excellent read for either a person who has no interest in sailing, or for a sailor who loves sailing and knows all the relevant terminology and the waters that are described in the book.

Who Would Enjoy This Book?

The type of audience this book will appeal to varies enormously and I would suggest it is a good choice for the following book lovers:

Those who love books on sailing, sea adventures and the sea in general.

People who enjoy crime novels, or murder, suspense and action books.

Readers who like romance novels.

People who have an interest in the Channel Islands, and possibly more specifically the Channel Island of Guernsey.

About the Author

James Cassaday was born in 1934 and had a narrow escape from an early death during World War II when a German bomb intended for Portsmouth dockyard destroyed his family home in nearby Gosport. James felt that this incident influenced him in his choice of 'life saving' careers, and he went on to become a boy seaman in the Merchant Navy briefly, before then joining the Royal Air Force and becoming a coxswain in the Marine Craft Section, (the peacetime equivalent of Air Sea Rescue). James went on to pursue his main career in the Fire Service for the next 35 years, and this gained him The Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society Award for saving life, and the award of the Queen's Fire Service Medal for distinguished service.

When James Cassaday finally retired from the Guernsey Fire Brigade he held the rank of Chief Fire Officer. He still lives in Guernsey to this day where his interests now centre on writing, gardening and sailing.

More Books by James Cassaday

If you enjoy Rough Sea Justice either in print or as a Kindle edition you might also want to read James Cassaday's other novels which are available as Ebooks too. Check out the links below to find out more about them

Bailiwick Gold. This story tells the tale of hidden gold bars, spoils of war taken by German Lieutenant Carl Schmidt and secreted on and around the Channel Island of Guernsey during the German Occupation of the Channel Islands in World War II. Fast forward to 1996 and follow the race as two sets of individuals attempt to locate the missing gold for themselves, with only partial clues as to where the treasure might be hidden.

St Elmo's Fire. This novel tells the story of ex-Seaman Jack Druce, who has joined the fire brigade back in the 1950s. Before too long Jack comes to bitterly regret the day he failed to look away when he first glimpsed the St Elmo's Fire phenomenon during his seafaring days. His bad luck quickly gets worse as he makes the mistake of agreeing to join a group of rogue ex-firemen who are plotting to steal a priceless work of art.


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