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Roy Moore vs. Doug Jones: Bigger Than Mayweather/McGregor Super Fight

Updated on November 30, 2017
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth is a natural-born southerner and grew up his entire life in the south where he has resided now for 63 years in Hamilton, Al.,

“‘Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!’[a]

She has become a dwelling for demons

and a haunt for every impure spirit,

a haunt for every unclean bird,

a haunt for every unclean and detestable animal.

3 For all the nations have drunk

the maddening wine of her adulteries.

The kings of the earth committed adultery with her,

and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries.”

Revelation chapter 18.

— John, The Revelator--Book of Revelation
Former Alabama Chief Justice, Roy Moore.
Former Alabama Chief Justice, Roy Moore. | Source

As a rule I do not want to take on a fight when both parties (or more) are lashing out with written and verbal accusations in order to win a prize such as the Office of a Senator, Congressman, even the President of The United States.

This narrative is NOT, repeat, NOT, a Personal Endorsement for former Alabama Chief Justice, Roy Moore. Nor is it an endorsement for his opponent, Doug Jones, Birmingham, Ala., District Attorney's Office and high-level Democrat.

This piece is about how a bevy of women who were allegedly hiding somewhere in Moore's past life and just decided, after more than 40 years of silence, to speak out on how Moore, Roy, keep that in mind, "touched them in an inappropriate manner." Moore's Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, recently released a video with a woman, Leigh Corfman, who said Moore initiated a sexual encounter with her when she was 14 and he was 32, and Beverly Young Nelson, who alleged Moore sexually assaulted her when she was 16.

Roy Stewart Moore is an American politician and former Alabama state judge. He was twice elected Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, and twice removed by the Alabama Court of the Judiciary for refusing to follow federal court orders--to remove a statue with the Ten Commandments written on the front for all to see.

After being removed from the Court, Moore twice sought the Republican nomination for the governorship of Alabama (in 2006 and 2010), but lost in the primaries. Moore was again elected Chief Justice in 2013, but was suspended in May 2016, for directing probate judges to continue to enforce the state's ban on same-sex marriage despite the fact that this had been deemed unconstitutional.

Following an unsuccessful appeal, Moore resigned in April 2017, and announced that he would run for the United States Senate seat that was vacated by Jeff Sessions upon Secession's confirmation as Attorney General of the United States. During the Senate race, claims surfaced that while in his 30s, Moore had pursued numerous teenage girls. Three women stated that he had sexually assaulted them, one when she who was Moore denied dating underage girls or sexually assaulting anyone, but acknowledged that he had sometimes approached and dated older teenagers. Independent witnesses confirmed that Moore had a reputation for coming on to teenage girls. The controversy led many Republicans to call for Moore to drop out of the race.

Gordon Douglas Jones, Doug to friends, is an attorney, prosecutor, and politician. Jones served as the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, and is known for prosecuting the remaining two Ku Klux Klan perpetrators of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing which killed four African-American girls, along with securing an indictment against the Olympic Park Bomber. I can tell you honestly that Jones knows his way around an indictment, trial and conviction. The proof is seen within this paragraph. Jones is the Democratic United States Senate nominee in the U.S. Senate special election in Alabama against Republican nominee Roy Moore, which is scheduled for December 12, 2017.

Alabama Democratic Senate candidate, Doug Jones.
Alabama Democratic Senate candidate, Doug Jones. | Source

So this is where I am at. If you are in my State of Alabama, this Senate Race will affect you and your children and grandchildren. I can promise you that. This seemingly-tame political contest is building steam as well as fire from both candidates and I feel that as Dec. 12 nears, the airways from radio, TV, and print ads will explode with a barrage of he said, she said, he said. And so it goes.

This, my friends from the south and all across the nation, is NOT just about a Democratic vs. Republican Senatorial Race. No, sir. No, ma'am. This election will take on the resemblance of two loud marching bands with lots of members clanging various instruments as they pass down the Reviewing Stand just to see how many nods each can garner. I will be honest. I have heard both Jones and Moore's TV ads, and I have not yet decided to mark the spot to where a safe place for me to hide can be when "something hits the fan," so to speak, and friends, "it will hit the fan," for both men are high-spirited and opinionated. Both are well-armed in The Law and Judicial Means so this may be, (using a more interesting analogy) two well-dressed and civil heavyweights about to get into the ring and the last one standing will stand for one group or the other--which have never really gotten along for any length of time.

May I? The only hot question that I can ask former Chief Justice, Roy Moore is: “did these inappropriate actions happen allegedly beginning from Leigh Corfman, Beverly Young Nelson, Debbie Wesson Gibson, Gloria Thacker Deason, Gena Richardson, Wendy Miller and Kelly Harrison Thorp? I am not sorry to stand on a taxpayer-owned soapbox to ask you a second question: Why are these women NOW just coming forth to accuse you, Mr. Moore? Of course, your cozy answers have been “no,” “these accusations are not true,” and other positivism heard in your voice and seen in your facial expressions?

I am a citizen of America, born and bred in the Great State of Alabama—where I worked past retirement to keep food on my table, feed my family, pay my bills and taxes, so you can understand why I am so adamant in wanting to know THE truth. If Corfman and her crew of female accusers DID in fact, become victims of your inappropriate attentions, just tell them the truth. I am not going to go deep and long into a Hail Mary in the waning seconds of the fourth quarter of what I think WILL be THE most important Senatorial election in the State of Alabama and in our Great United States.

According to your people and their investigations of the lives of these women’s dark accusations have proven to be allegedly false; unfounded; and still stunned by the timing of their questions. Welcome to the club, Roy.

Do you also recall the investigation of then-President Bill Clinton and White House aide, Monica Lewinsky? And that forever-famous reply by Clinton, “I never had sex with (that) woman,” but Bill didn’t elaborate about Lewinsky’s also famous blue dress that allegedly shown semen from Clinton who was allegedly having “an inappropriate relationship,” in the Oval Office.

Inappropriate touching, feeling, winking, waving, and other actions made possible by the male anatomy, but now those actions and motions, although allegedly innocent and just part of their daily lives, are now considered “inappropriate” and scads of women of all races, colors, and incomes are being open to news outlets and officials about how males in their workplace of families are now victims of being touched in an “inappropriate” way. Frankly, and if every woman that stands to accuse now-terminated Today Show, Matt Lauer and other famous men, is TRUE and can be PROVEN . . .more power to you babes.

And I am not going to use that cure-all legal journalistic term, “allegedly” if your accusations bring you a peace that you have hidden and now ready to step up to the plate.

Bravo, ladies! Seriously. Not allegedly.

Paragraphs five through seven – source: Wikipedia.

 Leigh Corfman, one of the many females who are accusing former Alabama Chief Justice, Roy Moore of (allegedly) touching them in an inappropriate way--some 40 years ago.
Leigh Corfman, one of the many females who are accusing former Alabama Chief Justice, Roy Moore of (allegedly) touching them in an inappropriate way--some 40 years ago. | Source

© 2017 Kenneth Avery


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    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      13 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, John,

      You pose an interesting point in women who make these accusations and I will join Kari, below and answer you both:

      "To me, and I think that I said this in the above: If (a, the) woman or women are telling the truth, the law should come down hard on them be it Doug, Roy, John or Curly. There are laws to protect U.S. citizens and to me, women ARE citizens.

      What I am waiting for and not really wanting it to happen is when MALES start accusing females in power or not, with their behind the scenes inappropriate behavior.

      It could happen.

      But I can only say, God help."

      Thank you John and Kari for the comments.

      Write anytime.

    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      13 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      Thank you for stopping by. No matter who wins, this one election will be the most-serious election in Alabama to date.


    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 

      13 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      I hope Doug wins.

    • profile image

      John Ward 

      13 months ago

      I have no stake in Alabama but having seen similar Accusations being brought across and arond the western Hemisphere 30 to 40 years after. My question is how does a person defend themselves against them. In a world where the woman's word is accepted as gospel by the public Majority and if even proved to be wrong that Stigma remains. I always ask myself just why it took so long for these wrongs to come to light. Now I am not saying that this did not happen or agreeing that it did I just seriously would like to understand why so long.

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 

      13 months ago from Ohio

      What a can of worms you have opened, lol. I know that recently a cry has gone out to all women to tell their stories of sexual assaults. I really think men may have to rethink their treatment of women. I mean, really, have you ever touched a woman inappropriately? I know lots of men who can honestly answer no to that question. However, some men think it's their privilege. I think we are going to hear more and more about this, as more and more women come forward.


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