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Object of Interest

Updated on July 29, 2017

Very often our Object of Interest

Is not so interesting

Why it catches our attention though

Is a matter fascinating

We explain and analyse

For others to see

And try to find reasons to show

Why it is so me

It can be a hobby, a sport, a lover so often

Or it can be a book, a movie, food item or a new bottom

Whatever it is that we like

We defend our choice with utmost delight

It is a matter of taste we say

Thinking our palate is mighty royal all the way

Our friends's opinion clearly don't matter

Afterall not everything they can fathom, let alone simply gather

An Object of Interest makes a sweet story

To an ordinary day it adds some glory

Why do I write on oh such a banal topic

Some might say this wannabe poet is remarkably myopic !

© 2017 Royal Jelly


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