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Allow Me to Rub Your Hub

Updated on April 30, 2009

Spreading the Hub Love

Spreading the Hub Love. That is what hub rubbing is all about. Hub Pages has built in an ingenious system that encourages, and is actually providing incentives, for linking to other members' hubs. I'm not aware of any other writing site that has anything like this.

If you are a Hubber, you know how this works. For those of you who are not familiar with Hub Pages, here it is in a nutshell: as a member, you can link to hubs (articles) published by other members, and actually share in the income generated from those pages. This little system benefits everyone. This could get huge, kids. Tremendously huge. What a nifty little idea.

When I started with Hub Pages, I was already writing on other sites. Then I began to figure out the anchored backlink thing, and began blogging. In most of my articles you will see backlinks to at least one, and sometimes several, of my pages on other websites. In fact, there are several in this hub alone. In the few weeks that I have been active on Hub Pages I have had 5 signups, and a number of page views. Considering I signed on about 5 weeks ago, but didn't really get active until 2 weeks ago, I think I'm doing pretty well.

But then, it occurred to me, why am I not linking to hubs by other writers? Obviously, my backlinks are working. I can help them get more views, and increase my income as well. Thus, this article about hub rubs.

My latest project is a local food blog, Inland Eats. People will be able to find great restaurants, savings and special offers, information about food and restaurant discounts in general, and recipes. Obviously, I don't have time to write hundreds or thousands of pages, so why not link to articles on different sites? Since Hub Pages offers the incentives, why not take advantage of that, and help some of my fellow writers along the way? So, yes, this is a call to Hub Cooks, Food Writers, and Food Lovers. Send me links, and I'll be happy to rub your hub. Although my blog is still in the building stage, it will only be one or two weeks, and I'll be promoting extensively. You should be there. Send me a message, and I'll give you a rub.

If you are a Hubber, start giving a few hub rubs, get social through bookmarking, start a blog, and watch Hub Pages grow. We have the opportunity as Hubbers to create an online network rivaled by none. Spread the Hub Love. Give a few rubs.

Oh, and please, return the rub. It will be much appreciated.

Other hub rubs available on Wood Streets Journal, relating to online writing tips.


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