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Rubies - Escaping the Curse - Book One Continues

Updated on November 23, 2014

Book One - The Beginning Continues

Kaja's Tangled Web of Deceit Continues

Life is often difficult but then again we must remember that it is a blessing from God. In our second installment of the Rubies – Escaping the Curse, we find Kaja still embroiled in a tangled web caused by her own poor decisions and the circumstances that have taken control of her life.

Our last book excerpt showed Kaja absorbed in her own troubles and ignoring the danger to her 18 month old child. Martha is burned so badly by hot grease that she nearly dies from her injuries. Blood poisoning slowly creeps throughout her body and she is almost comatose before Hans finally agrees to take the child to a hospital. In 1915 it was an expensive proposition and one that Hans did not take lightly. Unfortunately, little Martha arrives too late for the proper treatment. Her arms and hands were terribly scarred but the nerves in her mouth were severely damaged causing her to grow up missing several of her permanent teeth. She would spend her life smiling only with pursed lips and overshadowed with an inferiority complex that throws her into a marriage that almost destroys her.

Kaja marries Christian Johnson after the death of Hans Berglund

Kaja loses her children in Norway forever

Kaja’s second child with Hans is a boy but the infant’s life is snuffed out by pneumonia when he is just a few weeks old. Hans is overwhelmed with grief and Kaja can only feel her own pain at losing her children in Norway. Hans dies of a heart attack and everything he owns is left to Sophia and William. Sophia hates Kaja and refuses to help her. William helps Kaja find a home to live in before he leaves for school. Kaja eventually remarries a very kind man, Christian Johnson, in the hope of getting back to Norway, but again her dreams are shattered. She receives a letter from Norway with the news that her youngest child, Janna, has died from a ruptured appendix and her oldest child, Mary, has disowned her mother forever.

Sophia and William are now grown

Marty finds love

Martha grows up to be an insecure child obsessed with love and romance. She learns to love her step-father Christian, and has become enamored with her step-brother William, and she is devastated when he joins the navy.

At sixteen years of age Marty no longer attends school but stays home to take care of Kaja who has now developed congestive heart failure. When she meets Sonny Morley he makes her feel special just like she feels with William. She decides to lie to Kaja and becomes romantically involved with the unscrupulous Sonny.

Book Excerpt – Chapter Nine 1932

The theater was packed when they arrived and Marty's stomach was in knots. She wondered what people would think of a plain girl sitting next to such a handsome young man. Sonny said her eyes were the most beautiful green he'd ever seen and her skin was like silk beneath his fingers. Perhaps that's why the spaces between her teeth didn't bother him. She was lucky to have found him.

The movie had barely started when Sonny put his arm around her shoulder. Her heart fluttered as his brushed his fingers lightly along her arm; she shivered when he pulled her closer. She felt so strange, tingly and dizzy all at the same time. Was this what Momma had meant when she'd warned her about the things a man could do to a woman?

Before she knew what was happening, Sonny leaned over, lifted her chin with his hand, and placed his lips on hers. The first kiss was ever so gentle, but the second was harder, the third lingering. Then his tongue filled her mouth and she thought she would be sick.

Choking, she pushed him away. "Gosh, what are you doing?"

He laughed heartily. "I knew you were an innocent country bumpkin, but haven't you ever been French kissed?"

"No and it was awful!"

Sonny raised his eyebrows, humor spreading over his face. "After you get used to it, you'll love it."

"And who says I'll get used to it?"

"If you want to see me, you'll have to learn to like it."

Sonny and Marty Marry

Marty faces reality

Anne Morley is a doting mother and believes her son can do no wrong. She covers for Sonny and convinces his father to sign for Sonny and Marty to secretly marry. Kaja disapproves of Marty’s poor choice and is even more concerned when Marty conceives her first child. By the time the baby boy is nine months old he is already spoiled rotten by Annie Morley and Marty is already beginning to wish she had listened to Kaja. When William comes home for a visit, Marty realizes that perhaps Sonny is not the man of her dreams.

Book Excerpt Chapter Twelve 1938

They watched Kaja go up the stairs, then William turned to Marty. "I can see Ronny is a replica of his father."

"He does look like Sonny."

"I wasn't referring to his appearance."

Marty felt warmth flooding her cheeks but refused to ruin the little time she had with William. "Let's not talk about Sonny. Tell me about the navy."

William's eyes twinkled as he sat in the old wooden rocker and pulled Marty onto his lap. "I want to talk about why my little sister got married before I could return for the wedding."

Marty's hands were sweating and there was a knot in her stomach. She ran her fingers over the buttons on William's uniform. "It happened so fast. You know -- an impulse."

"You mean he talked you into it?"

She laid her head on his shoulder. "But I love him, William."

"Mmm," William murmured, stroking her hair. "Do you remember when you were a little girl and the other children made you cry?"

Marty snuggled closer. "And you scared them silly by telling them that God would punish them by making all their teeth fall out?"

William smiled and nodded. "Well, as long as Sonny treats you right, I'll leave things be, but if he slips up just once, he'll answer to me before he answers to God."

Sighing, Marty put her arms around his neck. "Oh, William, I wish you could stay home forever."

.. . . . . . . . But William left town in two weeks and Marty was forced to return home.

"Well it's about time," Annie said, her face beaming.

"We were only away three weeks."

"A good wife shouldn't ever leave her husband alone. A man's mind gets

to wanderin."

Marty cringed inside. "Is Sonny still working nights? I can't wait to see him."

Annie frowned. "You know that night shift was over months ago. Sonny's been looking for work for weeks. Says he might have to go to another town."

The color drained from Marty's face. She quickly turned away to avoid Annie's watchful stare. "I--ah, of course, I'd forgotten. I'll go fix something nice for Sonny for dinner tonight."

"Don't bother, honey. Sonny left last night and said he'd be gone for a couple of weeks. You best stay with me and Pa until he returns."

Marty nodded while forcing back her tears. She wished she'd never left Minneapolis and William's arms.

The Saga Continues …………..

Next week we continue the story of Marty and the consequences of her sin of deception. It isn’t until her third child is born that she finally realizes she made tragic mistake and her life is ruined forever. Can’t wait to find out what happens next? You won't want to miss any of the Rubies moments. Purchase Rubies on Amazon today.


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    • Sandra Eastman profile imageAUTHOR

      Sandra Joy Eastman 

      4 years ago from Robbinsdale MN


      Coming from you that is a great compliment. My grandmother did come from Norway in 1913 so the series is based upon her life.

      Thank you for taking a look at it.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Well done...great photographs...good dialogue, good flow...yep, nicely done piece of writing, Sandra!


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