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Rubies - Escaping the Curse - Sins of the Mothers Continues the Story

Updated on February 12, 2015

Rubies - Book Three - Sins of the Mothers

Don’t miss out on this continuing real life saga. Now up on Amazon with free Kindle Version Available

Sins of the Mothers continues the Rubies Saga as Stacey and Katherine begin their lives as single mothers, fearful of repeating the mistakes of the previous generation. They struggle to change the outcome of the curse that has been inflicted upon them.

As they face the death of the man that destroyed their family, the two sisters struggle to reconcile their feelings that flow between remorse, regret and vengeance. The Rubies curse continues to choke life from the good and leave behind the shadow of uncertainty.

Stacey Fights to Build a New Life

Stacey has always believed in her heart that her father was basically a good man but just a man who made poor decisions. She has deluded herself into believing he is worth her forgiveness. When she and Katherine visit him on his deathbed she discovers Katherine was right about him all along.

Book Excerpt

The flight attendant had just announced they would be landing in Phoenix in a half hour. It was 80 degrees and a sharp contrast from the chilling dampness of Oregon.

Stacey’s mind kept wandering to those last minutes saying good-bye to Sonny. . . .

Sonny had been asleep when they arrived. Ronny was just leaving for work.

“Will you bury him here?” Stacey asked.

“He’s going to be cremated,” Ronny answered

“Cremated!” Stacey paled. “It’s horrible to think of him burning.”

Katherine shrugged. “It’s a cheap funeral.” She put her arm around Stacey. “Let’s get the good-byes over with.”

Stacey and Katherine walked into the room hand in hand. Sonny opened his eyes; a faint smile tinged his lips.

“Hi Pumpkin.” He glanced over to Katherine but said nothing.

“Our plane leaves in a few hours,” Katherine said, placing her hand on his. “I hope it goes easy for you.”

Stacey choked back a sob. “I know I told you I didn’t think I could love you, but I do love the Daddy I wanted you to be.” Tears rolled down her cheeks as Sonny reached to embrace her. She sobbed in his arms while Katherine looked on.

“You’re leaving me in the lurch,” Sonny whispered. “How can you do that to me?”

Katherine pulled Stacey away from Sonny and took a long deep breath. “Yes, Sonny, I guess you’re right. We are leaving you in the lurch.”

Stacey brushed the tears from her face and kissed Sonny’s cheek. “Good-bye Daddy.”

Her thoughts back to the present, Stacey looked over at Katherine asleep in her seat. She reached into her purse and pulled out the letters Sonny had given her. Katy was right all along. Even in their last moments together Sonny could think only of himself. Silently, she ripped up the letters and put them in garbage bag attached to the seat.

Katherine Continues to Live with Her Bitterness

Katherine continues to be haunted by Edward’s death and yet even on his deathbed, she refuses to forgive Sonny for his betrayal. Consumed by her own guilt, she cannot find any focus for her life and soon realizes that her own children have become strangers to her.

Book Excerpt – Sins of the Mothers

Tim burst through the front door and leaped up the foyer stairs. “Mother, you won’t believe the good news!”

Katherine was stretched out on the sofa, her eyes closed. A large decanter of Merlot sat on the coffee table. “Mmm, I must have dosed off.”

Tim glanced towards the kitchen. “Shall I make you some coffee so you’re lucid enough to talk?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, honey. I just had a tough day at work.”

“Tough days have been in abundance since old Sonny died.”

Katherine’s head snapped to attention and she pulled herself up. “It seems to be you’re getting a little too smart for your britches, young man!”

Tim raised a condescending eyebrow and crossed his arms.

“Yes, Mother, maybe you’re right. You see, I passed my college entrance exams the top in my class and was elected to the National Honor Society, all in one day. I’d say my britches are magnanimous!”

“And I think you’re spending too much time with the old bat. You’re beginning to sound like her.”

“Under the circumstances, Mother, I’ll ignore your insulting reference to Grandmother Parkingson. It doesn’t surprise me that you’d try to change the subject of our discussion. You never did have time to hear about my achievements, did you? If fact, you rarely showed any interest in your youngest son at all.”

“That’s outrageous,” Katherine snapped. “I’ve always treated both you and Jeff the same.”

“Have you now, Mother,” Tim mocked, walking towards the table and picking up the bottle of Merlot.

“Well, considering that last fall before leaving for Harvard, Jeffrey arrived home on numerous occasions inebriated to the point of stumbling up the stairs, you should have no problem in my joining you in a toast to my future.”

Katherine sprang to her feet, seizing the bottle of wine. “When you’re old enough to drink, we’ll talk!”

“Pity, Mother, because by the time I’m old enough for spirits, we’ll have nothing to say to one another.” Tim spun around on his heels and stomped up the stairs.

Katherine sank down on the sofa, a bewildered frown on her face. Shrugging, she poured herself another glass of wine and guzzled it down.

Marty Struggles with the Past

Marty is now living in Phoenix with her youngest son. After inheriting her brother’s fortune, she has made a new life for herself and Chris. In spite of everything, Marty still regrets the decisions she made with her three other children and mourns the mess they have made of their lives.

Book Excerpt

Chris and Josetta sat dangling their feet over the edge of Marty's courtyard pool.

Giggling as they spoke in hushed whispers, they scarcely noticed the scorching afternoon sun burning their backs.

Josetta's ebony hair was lifted off her shoulders into a long ponytail, revealing the sleek curve of her back and her tiny shoulders. The shy little housekeeper had intrigued Chris from the day Marty hired her. But once he convinced her to go out with him, the intrigue had quickly turned to romance. A nervous Josetta had spent the entire weekend with Chris while Ginny and Marty had visited their friends in Reno.

Chris pushed himself up and extended his hand to Josetta.

"Come on, let's start dinner. Mom will home any minute and then I can prove to you what a cool lady she can be."

Arm in arm, they walked into the spacious four bedroom rambler. Decorated in Italian Provincial, with all the bedroom floors covered in white plush carpet, it was a palace compared to the shack of yesteryear.

Chris had barely started the grill, when the front door opened and Marty appeared. "I'm home."

"Where's Aunt Ginny?" Chris hollered from the kitchen doorway.

"Oh, you know Ginny. She insisted on stopping by the office to check the mail."

Marty walked towards Chris but stopped abruptly when she spied Josetta standing behind him.

"Looks like you two caught some sun today."

"We not only caught it, we absorbed it," Chris said, winking. "But right now we're starving. I thought I'd put some shish-kebobs on the grill."

"Whatever you want, dear." Marty glanced at Josetta. "Will you be free to work tomorrow, Jo? I'm just plain tired out."

"Maybe you wouldn't be so tired if you didn't stay up every night talking on the phone to Ronny."

Marty eyed Josetta and frowned. "This isn't the time to discuss family problems."

Chris watched the smile leave Josetta's face and he pulled her aside. "Why don't you change clothes before dinner?" He kissed her lightly on the cheek as she nodded and left the room.

He turned to Marty. "Jo's real sensitive about our relationship. She’s going to be part of this family and she already knows everything.”

Marty flushed. “What? You told her about Ronny and his mess.”

Chris frowned. “Can't you lighten up a bit, Mom?" Marty's hands flew to her hips. "How can I? Sonny's dying and my children are in turmoil!"

"Well, this child isn't. He's content with his life. It’s about time you started to let Ronny figure things out on his own. Sonny did enough damage and your enabling him to continue the pattern isn’t helping.”

"Marty momentarily closed her eyes in quiet resignation. "You're right. I’m doing exacting what Grandma Annie did to your father. What’s the matter with me?”

“Nothing, Mom. You just want to make things easier for your kids, but we have to find our own way. You can’t fix everything for us.”

Rubies Saga - All Three Books Now on Amazon

The Choice is Yours

Why is it so often true that we continue to follow in our parent's footsteps repeating the same mistakes and yet denying the obvious outcome. The old adage says, "the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children". Yet we all want to pretend it can't happen to us. It's true we can make a difference, and that is what Rubies is all about. We don't have to be satisfied with our lives and our parent's choices. We can find a way to make our lives better.

You cannot change the past but you can alter your own future. The choice is up to you.

Watch for the Rubies Saga Book Four – Saying Good-bye coming this spring on Amazon. In Book Four Stacey must finally face the truth about her sister and the man she married. Hiding her head in the sand is no longer an option. Stacey's bad choices have already affected her own daughter and turned her into a replica of the man she has come to hate. She must finally stand up to Gary and fight for her daughter's life.

Don’t miss the astonishing conclusion of Rubies – Escaping the Curse - Saying Good-bye


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