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Rule in hell than serve in Heaven

Updated on March 26, 2013

“My utmost desire as a young boy was to always be told how awesome i am and I grew up with it. I always desire words of affirmation and want to know that I am needed. This is me Johnson and this is my story.

Yes, the institution I found myself as a man was that for the wise guys, the country was under ciaos and every level was corrupt, the government pays less attention to the masses simply because a bunch of Mafias hijacked governance and kept circling leadership within their circle. It was a survival of the fittest and since my late Father was not part of the circle, he died retched and that I refused, I must find my own place in the country so that was what forced me out from my rural community to the city.

Life in the city was different, the girls, the cars, the roads, the houses, I mean everything was different and so was our mode of operation. It was a five man band and we were well organized, we did not hit without information and our sources of information were stable and always very accurate. Info about Banks were accurate as they came from inside and if we need to hit a house, church, anywhere, there must be an inside link, the only time we ever took a chance was the M1 hijack of the limousine.

Stealing was the only thing left for us by the government so we embraced it with all our might and targeted mainly Banks and also wealthier elites who have people on top or are on top themselves. How can we reach the Commissioner without an insider? How do we know that there is millions in the Bank’s vault without an insider? Even the casino heist was successful because there was an insider and on the outside, we had men on uniform who were not so happy with their pay.”

The above information was what I got from Danger Johnson after infiltrating the prison, these hoodlums (Danger Johnson and his gang) held the entire Nation under siege for two years until their subsequent arrest, it wasn’t an easy task for the Police force but with proper logistics and surveillance, the gang was rounded up, there was two hours gun battle between them and the Police, a battle which left scores of officers injured and four dead. However, they were overpowered and outnumbered and finally were arrested. Although there was evidences against them but the court needed substantial facts for the death penalty and these guys were not selling out. But with the information now at hand which was as far as I am concerned a confession, we were able to connect each of them with the 29 Bank robberies, 31 homicides and the Casio heist.

Standing at the dock that morning and laid out all the evidences and the taped confession was enough for the Judge but what baffled me was that the five hoodlums were all smiles as the Judge laid out the sentence.

-Judge : After careful examination of this case, I wish to commend the effort of the Investigating Officer and the entire cops who risked their lives to bring these fellas to justice, people like them are not suppose to live among us therefore I sentence them to death by hanging.

That was the sentence we all fought for and to the bereaved families that suffered in their hands, it was okay but not enough to bring back their loved ones, the banks and every other victim of their wickedness was satisfied that finally justice prevailed. Anyway, as we walked the five of them out form the courtroom to the police van outside, a reporter found her way and came very close to the bag guys…

- Do you have anything to say?

- I am happy, I made my name, that has been my dream, you either do it the hard way or the suicidal which I chose

- Any regret for all your action?

- No regret, I chose the life I lived because I will rather rule in hell than serve in Heaven

- What do you mean by that?

- John 12:43

He entered the van happily with his four associates and were transported to the maximum prison to await the day of their execution and after six months came the D-day. The guards opened the cell and found it empty, there was an alert and the next one hour was the news of the prison break, it was a breaking news all over the nation and the President got involved, and so did all the serving and ex Ministers, the judge, everyone including me but there was no clue about them. The question the entire nation asked and is still asking is HOW?

Danger Johnson, Magic Robinson, Tricky Michael, Wicked Sunny and Edwin Punisher are still at large, look out for them and give the Police any clue that will lead to their arrest. This notice is for all of you because no one knows their whereabouts and who knows their next victim? It might be you.

Be Vigilant


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